SCARY MOVIE: Guru From Beyond The Grave

TRICK or TREAT? | White Tantra Review

Yogi Bhajan invented white tantra yoga marathons just like he invented the triangle pose to replace the down dog asana.  Yogi Bhajan and Guru Singh ripped off the sacred Om and so-called white tantra in their highly profitable Bhajanist kundalini yoga empire.  Any white tantra review should be prefaced by the fact that Yogi Bhajan borrowed everything from other authentic tantric kundalini teachers, mainly Saraswati Sivananda.  Bhajanism is a synthesis of Sikhism, yoga, astrology and successful Melrose Avenue product development and marketing.  Bhajanist white tantric yoga marathons are the of yoga outlets.

white tantra review

Yogic Product Development

The Bhajanists teach that the 4,000 year old down dog asana is named triangle pose and what Bhajanism calls White Tantra Yoga is just fake kundalini initiation ritual.  Installing himself as the White Tantra Mahatma in perpetuity via video appearance at large group hypnosis marathons is his most creative contribution to fake yoga religion, so far.  The Bhajanists own text book The Aquarian Teacher states that kundalini yoga is a self-initiation proposition.  There are no initiation rituals in authentic kundalini yoga practice.  There really isn’t even any such thing as white tantra, that is all just hyperbole created by Westerners and snake oil salesman to sell sensual pseudo-tantric seminars.  Yogi Bhajan did not encumber his body head to toe in layers of white religious garments when he practiced yoga in his early days as a Sikh holy man in Canada. 

white tantra with archival black and white photo of yogi bhajan on screen

Real Tantric Yoga is Nude Yoga

Yogi Bhajan didn’t start out wearing white from head to toe as seen in most of his archival photographs.  The white clothing and huge white tantra review show didn’t come until later on.  Real yoga is practiced naked.  You can’t properly practice yoga draped in layers of clothing.  You can’t properly move your body or do any type of exercise while full dressed, it doesn’t matter what color your togs are.

yogi bhajan naked yoga tantra
yogi bhajan

DRINK THE KOOL-AID | Winning Souls for Guru Beyond the Grave

Yogi Bhajan controls the initiation of new converts from beyond the grave for all eternity as the White Tantra Mahatma.  If you take Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training you are also required to take White Tantra Yoga with Yogi Bhajan himself, via large screen video display.  How do you know this is the real Yogi Bhajan and not a Hollywood special effects job?

The Dr. Allen – Filipowich Connection

My intense interest in kundalini yoga and white tantra began in 2014 when Dr. Allen started talking about chakras.  The good doctor had recently heard the term chakra from his shaman don Miguel Filipowich.  When I Googled “white tantra” and saw what it was I was very skeptical.  The main thing that jumped out at that time was the 3HO organization and I could see the corporate nature of so-called “white tantra yoga”.  A day long $200 yoga product from kundalini yoga?  At this time all I knew was Saraswati Sivananda kundalini yoga practice on my yoga mat.  When I found out about The Aquarian Teacher I was even more skeptical but I still signed up for Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.  I had forgotten my first impressions of Bhajanist White Tantra as fraudulent.  I paid for KYTT and got kicked out the second day in an act of divine providence.  Yogi Bhajan and Yoga West were actually an impediment that hindered my kundalini yoga practice on my yoga mat.

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Bhajanist Corporate Structure

Yoga West and white tantra are part of a multi-national corporation called Siri Singh Sahib, named after the most holy book in the Sikh religion.  If you are considering taking white tantra review this organizational chart. Ask your kundalini guru hard questions about Akal Security, Inc.’s relationship with Yoga West.

akal security

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.