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The copyrighted version of White Tantric Yoga is just something that Yogi Bhajan and Guru Singh cooked up in a Hollywood, California bookstore.  Authentic old school kundalini tantra is very different from the commercial version created by the Bhajanists on Melrose Avenue.  For most of the duration of a Guru Singh yoga class you will remain seated on your yoga mat.  If Guru Singh’s jokes aren’t funny you don’t have to laugh just because he is the Sat Guru (top guru).  It doesn’t have to be comedy to make you laugh. 

Aimee at Equinox 2012

Every Bhajanist kundalini yoga class begins with an approximately ten to fifteen minute dharma talk and then there is also a lot of music, singing, chanting and guru worshiping in Bhajanist yoga.  Even at the Equinox gym on Rosecrans Blvd. the Kundalini teacher mentioned Yogi Bhajan a lot.  She would talk for five minutes but it was really useful health information like: white blood cells are produced when you stomp your thigh bone down while running.  Sometimes I still think of that chick all these years later when I make myself run for a few dozen yards as part of my morning walk.  I thought the yoga talk was just blond Redondo Beach girl attitude but that teacher was actually following a rigid 3HO format.  I liked Aimee Donahue’s little dharma health talk better than the white tantric Aquarian astrology of Media Guru Singher.

aimee donahue

Guru Singher, the Laughing Guru

If you take Media Guru Singher’s kundalini yoga and meditation class he may talk for an hour as he draws on his flip chart and cracks jokes.  The time taken up with the jokes does not go over well with the class.  During one class a gentleman scoffed out loud at a lame Guru Singh word pun about being in a relation-canoe instead of a relation-ship.  I did not know about this kundalini dharma talk and I wish someone had of written a good review so that I knew that important information.  For my money I prefer to listen to Alan Watts or Stephen Hawking on YouTube.  When I paid $125/per month for an auto-renew unlimited monthly membership at Yoga West I wanted tantric kundalini yoga, not Bhajanist householder yoga.  The white tantric yoga of world-wide Bhajanism is a pop-therapy lecture by guru personalities and not a full yoga mat experience.  Sometimes Guru Singh even rips you off on the meditation part by interrupting your savasana.  

rich old white con man

Pop Therapy

Kundalini Yoga Therapy strongly emphasizes the importance of language and the power of the gong in each yoga class as noted on the bullet points for the Sydney white tantric flyer.  Language is important because kundalini yoga is heavy on the talk therapy.  The gong is another creative contribution of Yogi Bhajan which has nothing to do with old school tantric kundalini.  I don’t know where the gong comes from, perhaps the gong has been borrowed from the Sikh religion.  I don’t think they got it from Chuck Barris Productions down the street at Sony because this is not your father’s gong show. 

turbnas new kool-aid so wear it

White Tantric Con Artist

White Tantric Yoga is the Amazon of yoga sales and marketing.  Kundalini yoga has been adulterated by the mass market merchandising of Yogi Bhajan and Guru Singh.  Mr. Singh smugly tells his kundalini classes how he made the whole thing up in a Melrose Avenue bookstore with Yogi Bhajan.  It the height of ridiculousness Guru Singh actually tells his classes that he is not a member of the white male club.  Guru Singer is a 76 year-old white male con artist who has received every possible benefit of being an old white man including a spot in the Siri Singh Sahib corporate organizational chart.  

akal security white tantric yoga west

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.