Mass Hysteria

Rock music icon Jim Morrison wrote his UCLA film school thesis on mob psychology.  At the time of his early demise Jim was out on bail while fighting trumped-up charges by an over-zealous prosecutor in Florida who wanted to put the rock star in prison for alleged indecent exposure and inciting a riot at a Doors concert.  This white tantric yoga blog on mass hypnosis is for Jim. 

The Bhajanists are the of yoga retailing by packing them in by the thousands at $160 a head to receive white tantric yoga lineage anointing from dead guru Yogi Bhajan via video initiation.  It feels like a Halloween seance with our orange trick or treat bags waiting for the ghost of Yogi Bhajan to appear up on the big screen display monitors.  Kundalini yoga teachers distinguish themselves by how many degrees from Yogi Bhajan they are, or what order they were in adopting the turban.  For example, Guru Singh was the first Westerner to wear a turban.  Media Guru Singh was the first American to wear the Kool-Aid.  How many degrees are you from Sat Guru Yogi Bhajan?  What date did you first wear your Kool-Aid?

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What Date Did You First Wear Your Kundalini Kool-Aid?

Meditation is an important spiritual practice that wants to be free.  I have devoted a lot of time to practicing and studying various forms of tantric yoga practice.  Bhajanist white tantric yoga is a very expensive commercial meditation product.  Bhajanism is a very materialist yogic religion that requires members to wear a kirpan knife at all times.  Bhajanism is a synthesis of Sikhism, yoga, astrology and vegetarianism.  These are not your grandfather’s meat-eating Sikhs who assassinated Indira Ghandi while employed as her bodyguards.  These are vegetarian and sometimes even vegan neo-Sikhs who congregate along the Robertson Boulevard Spiritual Strip of schuls, religious schools, yoga studios and synagogues in Beverly Hills, California.  

White Tantric Mass Hypnosis

With Bhajanist kundalini yoga it is all a matter of getting the images right.  You must use the correct striking illustration as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  Sometimes it seems like Bhajanist White Tantric Yoga is one big multi-media presentation.  Yogi Bhajan speaks from beyond the grave as the White Tantric Mahatma for eternity.

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White Tantric Saturday Night Frankfurt

It’s White Tantric Saturday Night in Frankfurt, Germany!  Bhajanist white tantra yoga seminars are available world-wide several times a year in a major city near you.  The cost for this one-day transformational event is approximately $160USD not including travel or lodging. 

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White Tantric Yoga Therapy Australia | November 23, 2018

Kundalini chakra recalibrating is one of the fastest growing unlicensed therapeutic modalities in the world right after Core Energetics.  Get in on the ground floor and take the spiritual escalator to Melrose Avenue nirvana.  Do a planetary 180 and come down under to Australia where the surf is up on sunny Christmas day.  Australia is similar to Los Angeles with the cutting edge transformational seminars.  The International Sexological Bodyworkers Seminar where I learned that masturbation is the key to sexual success was held in erotically adventurous Sydney, Australia.  Australians love muscle cars and are masters of rock n roll mayhem.  I love Australians.  I used to love kundalini yoga a lot more before I started taking official Bhajanist kundalini yoga classes at Yoga West. 

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.