A Convicted Pedophile Has Infected Naturism

Who Is John Herriott?

California Men Enjoying Naturism founder Herriott is an excellent example of the 70 year-old American pedophile entrepreneur in action. John Herriott uses his fake youth league baseball uniform business to lure parents and children into the Mexican Boylover Club. Mr. Herriott and his associates are international child sex traffickers based in West Hollywood and Yucca Valley, California. Who is John Herriott? Herriott has the type of arrested development that makes you embarrassed to be gay and ashamed of being a nudist.

Thanks to John Herriott and CMEN I have burned-out on gay life. These days homosexuality just makes me sad. I’ve never been the slightest bit suicidal but the CMEN brand of gay life makes me depressed. To top it all off John Herriott has one of the worst cases of toenail fungus of any human being on this planet. I used to be a free flowing bisexual but now thanks to my experience in the gay nudist world of John Herriot I am a chaste heterosexual just like the day I was born.

who is john herriott

WHO IS JOHN HERRIOTT? If you want to find out more about gay child sex traffickers, please go to

Every so often this website feels compelled to publish an unrestrained article about Herriot to prove that there is no effective restraining order prohibiting private citizen regulation of registered Megan’s Law offenders. One of the purposes of this website is to keep the public updated on the activities of gay registered child sex offenders. Additionally, opportunities to become involved in sex trafficking investigation are presented.

How Does This Blog Make Money?

This blog relies upon the pay-it-forward concept to provide the resources required to operate and maintain a WordPress blog. If you follow your bliss the money will follow. If you follow John Herriott’s money your bliss will follow. It is a never ending vicious cycle of bliss.

who is john herriott

Where is John Herriott?

Due to the 2018 California wild fires CMEN has moved their signature event from Malibu to the mountains of San Bernardino for 2019. So the purpose of this blog is to update the public on CMEN’s expansion into San Bernardino County. The only question is which commercial nudist camp will CMEN use? There are more commercial nudist camps in San Bernardino than there are in Malibu. Therefore child sex trafficking investigators are needed to cruise around the San Bernardino Mountains this Labor Day looking for gay nudist hikers on the fire roads and hiking trails. They shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

Investigators Needed This Labor Day Week

When the CMEN West Coast Gathering was in Malibu the neighbors would complain about naked hikers on the fire roads. Therefore this Labor Day CMEN will probably be brazenly strutting down fire roads in San Bernardino.

who is john herriott