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How Many Degrees From John Herriot Are You?

Steve Delacruz is two degrees from John Herriot

Who is Steve Delacruz? He is Jeff Cowen’s associate in Cathedral City, California. Jeff Cowen helped John Herriot personally serve his nuisance lawsuit in 2017. In other words Steven B. De La Cruz is two degrees from registered child sex trafficker and gay entrepreneur John Herriot. Mr. Delacruz is going to help me shove Herriot’s lawsuit down his throat with this blog.

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How Many Degrees From John Herriot Are You?

Standing up to John Herriot has radically transformed my life. Thanks to Mr. Herriot there has been a ritual ending to my fifteen year foray into homosexual culture. California Men Enjoying Naturism concocted a fake story that there was a non-existent personal restraining order against me. I investigated Mr. Herriot and discovered that he is a registered sex offender on Megan’s Law. So now I am self-restraining myself from all contact with gay life because I feel done with it for now. Thanks to homosexuality I didn’t become a hopeless incel gunning down college students at the beach. Gay life served its purpose for now. It will always be there for me if I need it. The gay bathouse is only a $35.00 admission ticket away.

Who Is Steve Delacruz?

Steve is any man and every man who aids and abets child sex trafficker John Herriot. Therefore there is no answer as to exactly who Steve Delacruz is. Steve Delacruz is Jeff Cowan, Tony Merker and Rob Daniels all rolled up into one. If you are a friend of John Herriot then you are a Steve Delacruz.

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Did You Personally Serve Herriot’s Unenforceable Judgment?

Are you the messenger that rang my doorbell in West Covina and personally served John Herriot’s worthless default judgment? If so then your name is Steve Delacruz too. Everybody in CMEN is Steve Delacruz. Every pedophile and child rapist is Steven B. De La Cruz from Garden Grove, California. Please take a copy of that worthless judgment and shove it down John Herriot’s throat because that is the purpose of this blog.

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How many degrees from John Herriot are you?