Swing Out Sister


Look Me In The Eye Sister | Are you marching and chanting for equality or do you just want your tribe to be on top?  If American women want equality why don’t they approach men and initiate?  Why don’t girls ask guys out on dates?

feminine libidoIf women want to be equal why do females unfairly leverage their sexual power over men by wearing so-called “yoga pants” in public?  Do these women have a real yoga practice or is this false advertising? What if I am not thinking about sex or yoga and I get an erection from the sexy suntanned sixty year old woman pushing a $5,000 baby stroller in front of my villa? Her exquisitely designed bright orange yoga pants scream out: Look at my hot sexy sixty year old extremely fuckable ass!  My perfectly honest response is to react to the way she makes my body feel.

Now if I approach her sexy $1,000 haircut and respond to her sexologically designed yoga pants, will she accept the sexual consciousness she has initiated on the street? Will she be able see that she is the sine qua non of my erotically influenced behavior?  Will her inner psyche reflect her accentuated outer countenance?

If a woman is intentionally dressed to elicit a male sexual response she should expect a male sexual response. You get what you give. Women know that men are sexually suggestible. Women need to develop a sexual appetite that is equal to a man’s if they choose to walk around in luscious feminine estrus. I am talking about equal libido. 

realityWHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND: Equality is not just a just an empty word that means you get what the other person has. Equality is a spiritual concept. Equality is a physical law. Equality balances the universe, so accept what happens when you spin the Earth off balance. I do. It takes a lot of energy out of me to engage you with this blog. In return the universe balances out my relationship with you. Connection. Communion. Redemption and Rebirth.


No one here gets out alive.  -Jim Morrison

DEMAND FOR EQUAL TIME FOR THE MALE RESPONSE:  If women want equality why do they bare their buttocks in public to entice the highly excitable male libido, create multiple male erections in their wake, and then fail to deliver a corresponding response?  

Men who run around in public wearing shorts and tank tops will usually always be ready to deliver real sex.  If women are intentionally dressed to highlight their sexuality by wearing skin tight clothing then they should follow through and provide real sex, not some virtual placebo. Women say they want emotional honesty and intimacy, let’s get honest and intimate with the “yoga pants”, okay?  I have a nude kundalini tantric yoga practice, let’s do tantric yoga. Together we will unfold into unadorned and unfettered reality. You become an infinite being and save money on expensive yoga pants you don’t really need for real yoga. Real yoga is naked yoga. 

feminine masculine equalityWhen I Was A Kid

Thank God for the 1970’s when women would engage in sexual intimacy and openly admit that females enjoyed sex just like males do. We used to run around naked at rock concerts and get funky under blankets in the daylight. Wanna know how to get laid as if you were Brad Pitt?  Chick bands!  Take a sixty year old chick to a festival featuring a chick band like Journey.  Too bad original lead vocalist Steve Perry is not in the current line-up or she would wanna do it right there at the show. Sexual intimacy with women got real complicated in the 1980’s. Thank God for bisexuality. Being bisexual is true equality.  Swing Out Sister!

grabbing pussy
I said big brains not big boobs!

Grabbing Pussy

How rich, famous or powerful should a man be before he can proudly stand up in public and say: “When you are a celeb you can grab a chick by the pussy”.  All guys say dumb-ass shit like that.  I say dumb shit like: “I wish some billionaire would grab my ass.”  See.  I just said it. That reminds me I need to tune up my home page by putting my old philanthropy blogs on it. If you are rich and you contribute to society you should be able to to whatever you want that is legal. If overly demanding people complain about perfectly legal behavior, why are they complaining. When you complain about someone else, what are you trying to hide about yourself? 

While you are busy being offended by other people’s legal sexual conduct, real people are getting things done.

Do you really want equality or do you just want to hear your own misinformed opinions regurgitated back at you by mass media outlets?

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.