Why Do People Join Cults Led by Sexual Predators?

People Don’t Join Cults, They Join Something That Resonates With Their Soul and Heals Them

Why do people join cults? Because certain cults can induce mystical experiences even though their leader is a sexual predator. Just because a liar says it doesn’t mean that it isn’t true.

Membership in an anonymous self-help cult from 2004 to 2007 was one of the best things that I ever did in my life.

While experiencing the miracle of soul recovery, I unwittingly found myself in the middle of a minor-league sex cult. I found a working God in my life and miraculously recovered from a life-threatening disease. This was all accomplished by practicing self-healing spiritual treatment advice given by a white boy hipster who was inappropriately seducing his female followers.

Myself and the other men in our large tribe never found out until 2006 that white boy hipster was fucking all the bodacious women sitting at his feet. It all made sense when white boy finally got busted for trimming eighteen year-old snatch at one of the premier alcohol rehabilitation facilities located deep in a Malibu canyon.

Unrealistically beautiful LA women would stay in the cult for a month or a maybe a year and then suddenly disappear. It was a very inexpensive cult to join. It became obvious to anyone that many of the big sexy rock n’ roll girls were leaving because our leader was ravenously moving from one hot babe to the next.

It’s A Selfish Program

When I and my “mentor” who introduced me to the cult finally found out that white boy hipster had created a skin-storm, we didn’t energize the negativity because it was white boy’s shit to carry and we were getting what we wanted. It’s a cold, hard world, I was getting healed for practically free and so I had to focus upon my own private miracle. Anyway, the cool beautiful people were laughing at my social awkwardness, and even white boy hipster himself was questioning me about my voluntary two-year celibacy during recovery. I wasn’t in the cult for sex and so that is why I stayed until my time in the cult was finished on my terms.

I used the information to understand why the little girls in their unbelievably low hip-hugger jeans were acting the way they were. Is her whole pussy shaved or just the top inch? Banging that eighteen year-old girl while she was still in detox at the rehab was not right, but all of the other wenches were in their twenties and had been around the block a few times. If you wear skimpy sexy little outfits and bright red “fuck-me” pumps you are probably going to end up getting laid no matter what type of cult you may join.

Predators All Pay In The End

Seducing that barely legal detox patient whom he was “butt trusted” to care for was probably the most expensive pussy white boy hipster ever ate because In the end it ruined his career as a spiritual healer. We were all celebrating two and three years of soul recovery facilitated by an irresponsible leader. So in the end we had all unknowingly joined a cult led by a sexual predator. Why do people join cults led by sexual predators? Because when they joined they didn’t realize that their leader was culling the heard for beautiful young skinny women.

Do You See High Turnover in Your “Cult?”

Is there a high turnover in any of the organizations that you may belong to? Are talented young people appearing and suddenly disappearing due to a lack of competent leadership? You may have unknowingly joined an organization that is being led by a sexual or emotional predator. There is a serious lack of leadership everywhere one looks today. Are you on the payroll of a psychologically manipulative organization?

why do people join cults