Why Do People Suck Their Snot Instead of Blowing Their Nose?

Meet David Harris, the Human Garbage Disposal

Here is another blog in my series on how to practice the difficult commandment to love your neighbor as you love yourself. I would not suck my own snot down my throat and so I do not expect my neighbor to suck his snot in front of me. While doing my laundry just now both Dean Arnell and David Harris the Human Garbage Disposal walked by while scrutinized our names and times all neatly reserved on the laundry room door as if they had never seen this laundry list before. I said hello to both of them and Arnell said: “Hello, hello,” but the snot sucking human sewer pipe only made his nauseating snot sucking sound. Why do some people suck their snot down the back of their throat instead of blowing their nose? In my research and in my opinion they are just intentionally vulgar individuals with no self-awareness.

Sometimes I ask myself, if this disgusting creep can’t see how revolting he is, where could I perhaps be negligent in my own social hygiene skills? The Human Garbage Disposal and his kind are like teachers to me in this regard.

human garbage disposal david harris
Blow your nose you snotty old creep!

Retiring from My Retirement Community

The purpose of this blog is to remind me that I am done being held captive on the retirement excursion bus. From now on I think I will retire from my tired old retirement community. David Harris must have forgotten that he already told us what a fraud he is by giving cruise ship lectures on topics that he just pulled from Wikipedia.

When we went whale watching the snot sucker talked non-stop, gave the driver directions, and was a general human garbage disposal with his guttural sucking of his snot every few minutes. I gagged several times listening to the snot sucking human garbage disposal.

He Can Dish It Out But He Can’t Take It

Before we left he was whining that he couldn’t email his waiver for the trip and when I tried to help him he blew up like a snotty little child. Arnell was walking by as I was apologizing profusely but the Garbage Disposal wouldn’t drop it. Now Arnell and Harris are checking me out while I am doing my laundry because they are just looking for something to complain about. Me I just write these blogs to get it all processed and done with. After I write my love blogs it is easy to love my neighbor as I love myself.

The Human Garbage disposal fancies himself an expert on everything. The purpose of writing this blog is to ask Harris the Garbage Disposal if he has ever Googled his name before. I love it.

How Many Human Garbage Disposal’s Named David Harris Are There?

There are a terribly awful lot of David Harris’s on the Internet and so I want to see how hard it is to get this Human Garbage Disposal David Harris page to the top of the search engine organic listings with brotherly love. This is probably one of the fastest blogs that I have every written. Thank you David and Dean, my inspirational dream team!

I live in heaven with plenty of angels to blog about
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