why love your enemy

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Why love your enemy? Because you will go crazy if you do not. This morning I was running around trying to find the Wall Street Journal as usual. I have been trying to explain to staff at Masonic Homes Covina that I am three days ahead of everyone else with my COVID-19 compliance. The employees were brushing me off like I am a problem for them. We have to get serious about social distancing at MHC. Please stay out of the loop of the WSJ delivery unless you are going to actually place the five copies of the WSJ on the reading table where I can locate it in the morning. I am really stressed-out over the newspapers not being in the reading room where they belong, and I don’t want any needless social closeness with you while I run around campus trying to locate them.

At the end of the day, sure enough, I was correct again, when Mayor Garcetti gave the new LA County Stay at Home Order and then Governor Newsom gave a statewide Shelter at Home Order. My position has always been three days ahead of our leaders, who are finally taking serious action. No more Mr. Nice Guy. I am appointing myself my own personal COVID-19 Compliance Cop at MHC so please keep your distance.

I predicted lock-down to Jennifer before it happened and she knows how serious I am taking COVID-19. Now all I have to do is beat some compliance into the other residents. I am ahead of everyone else, not that I am superior, I just want to keep COVID-19 out of MHC and read three newspapers per day.

I eventually found the WSJ, but it involved entirely too much social closeness with Environmental Services employee Angel Martinez, because I had to stand entirely too close to him while he was ordering his lunch on Johnny’s phone at the front desk. I looked for the WSJ at the front desk, and even walked all the way out to the security guard shack trying to find the newspaper as usual. Stop milking the Masonic Cow and start taking your job seriously.

why love your enemy

To continue my search for the Wall Street Journal I also had to get close to Johnny to check the usual location of the WSJ at the frond desk. Then it turns out Anabelle actually had the WSJ in the reading room, and now she is handing me a copy. Why the heck are so many people touching my paper? That was a hell of a lot of completely unnecessary social contact.

Rainy days are not smooth WSJ days at MHC. Stacy was at the guard shack and Stacy is bad for WSJ delivery. So when it rains and Stacy is on guard duty, the paper is generally difficult to find.

Then at the end of the day Mayor Garcetti ordered Los Angeles County to Stay at Home. The point is that I had entirely too much social contact today that was totally unnecessary. I am getting stressed out from people getting right on top of me and in my face. No more Mr Nice Guy. The next person that violates Stay at Home to get too close to my apartment, or gets in my face for no good reason, I am going to shame them for violating social distancing.

Why Love Your Enemy? Because it Feels Good!

UPDATE 6:00 pm: Los Angeles County goes on “Safer at Home”, non-essential businesses must close. Take out food ok. No arrests will be made.

My love for all of you is deep, wide and immense but you have to stop knocking on my door for a few months. I am practicing social distancing and I am going to insist that you do too, so please keep your distance. I assure you the problem is that I am one step ahead of you. People at the head of the class are always forced to slow down for the weakest members of the tribe.

Get off the beach. Get off my street. And stop knocking on my door because you erroneously think my breakfast is in the empty tray outside my door at 10:00 am. If you honestly believe that I am not competent enough to receive a $35.00 breakfast, then all you have to do is lift up the cover to see that it is an empty tray. Please do not knock on my door with your completely unnecessary bullshit. I have already worked out, meditated, showered, shaved, written a six-hundred word blog, eaten two breakfasts and am taking a nap at 10:00 am, so please just leave me alone at that hour.

Social distancing is not a theory or a game only the honest adults play. Social distancing means please stay away from me and don’t knock on my door because that is what responsible people are doing.

If you are a resident, and you see my empty food trays outside my room, please just ignore them. Our kitchen staff is taking excellent care of me. I assure you I am quite capable of receiving my breakfast every morning. What you are seeing are the trays that we are supposed to be returning to the kitchen. I like to like down and rest after my meals so please back off just a little tiny bit.

Some of the Brothers at the Masonic Homes Covina want to rub elbows and thank me for beating up Bro. Magliato for being such a disruptive presence. They say that if I throw soup on him, or throw chairs at him, they want to watch. I confess, he pushed me to my limit and I committed a felonious assault and battery upon his person. I told the police that I only beat up Magliato because I love him, and so the cops let me go. Next time I will sell tickets to the fight, as requested by my fellow residents.

Why love your enemy in today’s dog eat dog world? Isn’t loving your enemy only something people wearing robes & sandals were supposed to do 2,000 years ago when the Christ Mind was still walking around manifested in human form as as an Aramaic speaking Jew? No, loving your enemy works as good today as it did back then.

Approximately one year ago, I actually started practicing love for my enemy, for the second or third time in my life. Now I am able to actually practice love and compassion for my perceived enemies for longer and longer periods of time.

Next, I have to learn to turn the other cheek, because it feels empowering to love your adversary. That doesn’t mean that you roll over for your unruly competitors. You only have to love them. Don’t worry, your enemy will never even know that you love him. Loving your enemy is for you, not for your harmless little enemy.

Matthew 5:44: But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;[1]

Spiritual Things Are Spiritually Discerned

Loving your enemy is spiritual practice that yields spiritual fruit. The reason why you love your enemy is because God loves the rotten bastard even if everybody else hates him. So if you want to be a God, love your light-weight little enemies, that’s what I try hard to do.

The reason why I love my petty tyrants is because it feels good when I go to bed at night. The spiritual art of loving your enemy becomes easier and easier the more you practice it. Loving my enemies frees up my time and energy for productive endeavors, such as writing this blog, for example.

When They Hit You On Your Left Side–Write the Lyrics, When They Hit You On Your Right Side–Write the Music

Are you going to use your energy complaining to your partner about some asshole at work, or are you going to use your energy to write a poem, or maybe even a three-chord rock song?

Enemies Are Inspirational

Once you enemy teaches you how to write a poem, you will turn the other cheek and say, “Hit me again Sam, so I can write the music to these lyrics!” Loving my enemies is a major source of creative inspiration for me, and with a little practice, loving your enemies can be productive for you also. Anger can be an immense source of power and productivity if you know how to use it.

why love your enemy
You only have to love them, not lay down and let Chief Doan’s Shoes walk all over you
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