WILHELM REICH: The Function of the Orgasm

Orgasm and Psychic Health

In his book, The Function of the Orgasm, psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich proposes that the degree to which one can surrender to and experience the climax of excitation in the natural orgasm determines the degree of psychic health in that individual. Mental and emotional health depends upon healthy orgasm. Your ability to climax determines your ability to love. How you do anything in life is how you do everything. 

Psychic illnesses Are the Consequences of the Sexual Chaos of Society 

The orgasm and physical emotions that lead up to climax are the foundations of the healthy character attitude determining the individual’s capacity for love. Emotional illnesses are the result of a disturbance of the natural ability to love. Reich claims that the overwhelming majority of people suffer from orgastic impotence. The orgasm’s biological energy is dammed-up and the person becomes irrational. 

The Cure

The essential requirement to cure psychic disturbances is to restore the natural capacity for love. Restoring love also restores social health and well being. The benefit of homosexuality is the natural release of masculine sexual energy. Homosexuality as an exclusive lifestyle limits the orgasmic potential. However homosexuality itself can be highly beneficial in developing the full orgasmic potential.

Sexological Bodywork

Sexological Bodywork teaches that masturbation is the key to orgasmic potential. Sexuality and spirituality are too important to be left to other people. By learning how to touch yourself you learn how to touch other people. By learning how to love yourself you learn how to love other people. By learning how to anally masturbate and touch his own prostate a man develops a higher level of contact with himself and the world.

The most exciting woman I was ever with was Susie S. from Lancaster, PA. She was the first woman who gushed with uninhibited abandon when telling me about her vibrator. Susie said: “Masturbation is not the same as sex, it’s better!”  Hearing other people talk about the benefits of masturbation helped me to surrender to my own orgasm at a higher level.