Woodside Village, West Covina

Late one dark and rainy Friday night someone stole my Woodside dirt rag. Probably the fourteen year-old mulatto boy who sits outside my door. Mulatto boy is waiting at Woodside Village Apartments in West Covina, California. Waiting for my Amazon deliveries. Mulatto boy stole my delivery of t-shirts.  Good thing I only left my $300 hiking boots outside my door only one night when I first moved to this jungle. Now I see that my neighbors are just waiting to steal anything. It doesn’t matter what it is, they just want it.

mulatto muse

Now the Woodside Village mulatto boy is waiting for me to leave my dirt rag neatly folded outside my door. I didn’t notice it until Saturday morning when I went to clean my hiking boots off after my walk. Someone stole my dirt rag I leave outside to clean my boots off with.

woodside dirt rag

Woodside Village Community Involvement Dirt Rag

Thank God I am over all of my do-gooder community involvement. No good deed goes unpunished. Now I just want to be an old geezer wiping off my hiking boots with my dirt rag. In this article we will wipe off community involvement in a dirt bag blog. Every morning I go walking and exercising in Gingrich Park. Then I wipe my boots off on Satellite Management Company in Santa Ana, CA because they are responsible for Woodside Village in West Covina.

Done Dirt Days

Thank God I am over and done with promiscuous gay sex. It makes me squeamish to recall the savageness of my past behavior. The problem is that because of my diet and exercise my penis is getting larger and larger. My dick is so big I feel like fucking. My problem is I don’t want to stick my clean healthy 62 year-old dick into a dirt bag fuck hole. During my athletic masturbation sessions I fantasize about fucking a fourteen year-old mulatto boy. My fucking ability has increased dramatically due to the increase in my penis size.

The Dirt Rag Kid

A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido

The purpose of this blog is to avoid all contact with the albino mulatto boy waiting for my libido upon his mosquito. It’s a jungle out there and I have had all the physical sexual contact that I need for a few years. Probably for life. How blissful to have pornography and fantasy. At 10:00 p.m. when I hear my mulatto boy playing clickety clack on his skateboard I close my windows and lock the door. I can hear the boy right now while writing this blog but I never even get up whenever I hear him.

Woodside Dirt Bag Teacher

Someone stole a pair of flip flops I left out on the sand in Hermosa Beach for a few minutes. Mulatto boy stole my Amazon delivery and he was sitting right outside my door waiting when a second Amazon delivery man rang the doorbell and waited for me.

woodside dirt rag

When I first moved into this apartment I left my expensive hiking boots out for one night. The next time I was going to leave my dirty grass encrusted boots outside my door I thought better of it. I only left my boots outside my door that one night. A fourteen year old mulatto boy is sitting outside my door waiting for me to make a mistake.  I wish it was a sexually aggressive fifty year-old woman instead of a dirty little ethnic boy on a skateboard.