Woodside Misrepresents the Law

Woodside misrepresents California Code of Civil Procedure section 1174(b) in it’s letter allegedly rescinding my lease. CCP section 1174(b) is an assessment of damages that only kicks in at the end of an unlawful detainer proceeding. Furthermore 1174(b) only applies in the event of forcible entry or malice. Woodside misrepresents that this has anything to do with me. Woodside is alleging that my $56.49 community utility bill is over due and CCP 1174(b) does not apply to that. This is an attempt to intimidate and mislead. My payment was not overdue but if Woodside wants to try and charge me a late fee they can do that but they cannot evict me.

If Woodside West Covina were to refuse my rent, they may be able to build a bogus case. Right now Woodside misrepresents that they can force me to leave. This is harassment and elder abuse by Woodside Village Apartments West Covina, California.


California Code of Civil Procedure section 1174(b):
The jury or the court, if the proceedings be tried without a jury, shall also assess the damages occasioned to the plaintiff by any forcible entry, or by any forcible or unlawful detainer, alleged in the complaint and proved on the trial, and find the amount of any rent due, if the alleged unlawful detainer be after default in the payment of rent. If the defendant is found guilty of forcible entry, or forcible or unlawful detainer, and malice is shown, the plaintiff may be awarded statutory damages of up to six hundred dollars ($600), in addition to actual damages, including rent found due. The trier of fact shall determine whether actual damages, statutory damages, or both, shall be awarded, and judgment shall be entered accordingly.

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Woodside Misrepresents That They Have a Legal Leg to Stand On

I have been trying to get out of my Woodside Village Apartment lease since December 2018. Living in a town called “West Covina” does not agree with my personality. I have been trying to get out for six months. The real reason Woodside is attempting to intimidate me is because of my negative blogs about the skunks, broken Jacuzzi and overweight property managers at Satellite Management Company. If Satellite would fix the Jacuzzi, kill the skunks and stop eating bread we wouldn’t have this problem.

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