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Don’t Let Your Greedy Landlord Make You Live With Unhealthy Vermin

Woodside Open Trash Cans Attract Skunks

Democracy dies in darkness. If you knew your legal rights then you would refuse to live with toxic vermin such as skunks. See those packs of skunks living in the Woodside Village open trash dumpsters in West Covina? You are paying a monthly community utility bill for pest control at Woodside. Skunks are naturally occurring pests. So why are you sitting in a broken Jacuzzi getting ripped off by Satellite Management for pest control? You paid for pest control so demand pest control.

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Skunks Love Woodside’s Open Trash Containers

Skunks are extremely adaptable and opportunistic vermin. Skunks are like big rats who make your life miserable. The landlords personal residence does not have packs of skunks roaming about. Skunks have learned to enjoy living at Woodside because the dumpsters are not covered at night like they are covered at the landlord’s personal residence. You do not have to inhale offensive skunk odor and make your life unhealthy. Do you think your landlord puts up with that kind of smell in the morning? Stand up for yourself and your children’s health. Just say no to greedy landlords who leave the dumpster’s uncovered so skunks will stop coming to Woodside Village.

Skunk Facts
Did you know four species of skunks now inhabit North America? Or that skunks are extremely adaptable and opportunistic?

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Both Apartment Renters and Homeowners Can Kill Skunks Legally

Apartment house living kills your soul because a greedy landlord can shove packs of skunks up your nose. If you are a homeowner you can get rid of your problems as you see fit. If you live in a luxury independent living facility there is professional grounds keeping staff to take care of any skunk problems. Plus at assisted living you get three gourmet meals per day and housekeeping, among other amazing amenities. I will never have to cook or clean again in my life, I’m Ready to Go!

Move Or Improve

You have two choices at Woodside Village. Either move out like I am doing or improve your marketable skills like I am doing right now by writing these blogs about the uninhabitable living conditions at Woodside Village West Covina. Remember when you were always late to class and the geek sitting at the front of the class had to wait for you? This is where those geeks end up.

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Improve Yourself To Improve Your Living Conditions: Close The Woodside Open Trash Lid of Toxicity

Sam Padilla at Woodside West Covina: Raise yourself up kid! Why are you living in a dumpy single apartment with a girlfriend and two dogs? Because you do not have the right job skills to earn a decent living that is why. She is a nice Mexican girl who wants children, not dogs. So solve the problem by learning new tricks Samuel. The answer to your problems is you. Your youth is a time to educate yourself so that you can have a great life when you are an old geezer beating off and writing blogs.

It’s A Big World Out There Samuel

If you are living in a shitty little apartment in a bland location called West Covina then you have no one to blame but yourself. How the hell did you end up in West Goddamned Covina? You must be a total loser. Raise yourself up kid, Covina is right next door and it beckons. Meet me in Covina where the good people live and leave those open trash cans behind at Woodside Village Apartment Homes in West Covina.

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D. Keith Maccaddam, known legally as Dean Keith McAdams, is a retired legal secretary and ALS advocate from Los Angeles, California. Keith has been blogging in WordPress since 2008. Contact:
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