Woodside Skunk Problem

Satellite Management should never have mailed me their bogus three day notice to pay $56.49 or move out. Satellite should have just let sleeping dogs lay. This apartment in West Covina is only temporary until my new home becomes available in a few months. The lease on my Woodside skunk problem apartment is up on June 20, 2019 so Satellite Management Company should have just let me complain about the broken Jacuzzi. Instead Satellite served me with a retaliatory eviction notice.

Woodside Skunk Rant

Satellite and Woodside Village Apartments have given me something to write about during the latest update of this website. The skunks at Woodside made me think of rat brain alcoholics. Living at Woodside has been very inspirational.

woodside skunk problem

Skunk Dump

The skunk problem at Woodside Village illustrates how greedy Los Angeles landlords are. Research indicates that the only way to remove the skunks is to have a professional kill them on site. It becomes a question of expense. If you are a homeowner you can kill and maim skunks until they leave your single family residence and go live at the apartments on the main streets. Then you can buy the Woodside Skunk apartments and rent them out while you live skunk free in the nicer neighborhoods.

Woodside Village Apartment Complaints

My main complaint about Woodside Village is that the Jacuzzi is always broken. When I was complaining about it the staff of Satellite Management Company said that I was rude and so they filed a three day notice to vacate the premises. The second complaint that deserves mentioning is the skunk problem. Every evening packs of twenty skunks roam the grounds and parking lot. Skunk odor wafts into the apartments in the early morning hours when the air is heavy. In conclusion Woodside Village Apartments just stink.


Satellite Management Company should have let sleeping dogs lay. As stated at the beginning of this blog, I was moving out anyway. Woodside Skunkville was only temporary. I had never even been to West Covina until my private Illuminati social services case manager put me into this spacious single apartment. Satellite should have just let me go on my merry way.