Notice of Uninhabitable Conditions at Woodside Village

Woodside Village Apartments in West Covina, California stinks! Packs of skunks are outside the windows spraying the grounds nightly. Sometimes there are up to twenty skunks eating insects in the grass in the evenings. These vermin spray the parking lot and grounds in the early morning hours. The odor wafts in every morning with the marine layer. Skunks destroy a tenants right to quiet enjoyment of the premises at Woodside. The greedy landlord at the Woodside Village Apartments must do something to abate the large numbers of skunks. There are just too many.

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Notice By Internet Publication:

Woodside Village, located at 2547 Temple Avenue, West Covina, California 91792 IS HEREBY GIVEN NOTICE that they are in violation of the rental agreement by which they became a landlord on June 20, 2018. Woodside has prevented the quiet enjoyment of the residence by failing to provide adequate pest control. Woodside is billing each resident monthly for pest control and therefore in breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. The residents of Woodside must join together in order to force Satellite Management Company to remediate the skunk odor problem.

Woodside Village Notice to Cure Breach

Woodside Village must remove all skunks within three days of publication of this notice. Failure to abate the skunks will result in the resident removing said the skunks at landlord’s expense. Failure to provide a habitable premises will result in further legal anti-corruption actions by resident.

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FURTHER WOODSIDE NOTICE: Repair Constantly Broken Jacuzzi Or Resident Will Repair at Landlord Cost

Further Woodside Notice is hereby given of the broken and defective Jacuzzi located behind the rental office of Woodside Village Apartments. The Jacuzzi has never worked properly for the past year. Jacuzzi’s require constant maintenance in order to function properly.

Notice of Further Legal Action at Woodside Village Apartments

Resident will be conducting further legal research into the health and safety violations at Woodside. This will include filing necessary complaints with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and/or the City of West Covina. This is a social justice concern that must not go unnoticed. Woodside Village has the nerve to send residents bogus three day notices to perform or quit for $56.49 community utility bills that are allegedly late. Woodside sent their defective three day notice because of complaints about the broken Jacuzzi and the skunks. If Woodside management has the resources to send out defective three day notices then they have the money to fix the Jacuzzi and get rid of the dangerous skunks.

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Response to Woodside’s 5-7-2019 Three Day Notice to Perform Condition or Quit

Counsel, serve your summons and complaint!

Next up on the LegalNoodle hit list is Satellite Management Company in Santa Ana, California for allowing this injustice to be perpetrated upon the citizens of the San Gabriel Valley.

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