Good Morning Woodside Village Idiot

This morning when the mulatto who stole my Amazon delivery was on his way to school I said: “Hey kid, what’s up?” The Woodside Village Idiot couldn’t even look in my direction, forget about looking me in the eye. When the kid saw me he started pretending he was talking to his older brother. Kids don’t talk to each other they stare at their cell phones. His older brother was so engrossed in his cell phone he just assumed that I was a local confederate and without even looking at me he smiled and replied: “Aw, sick.”

The older brother was obviously unaware of the act of thievery perpetrated by his younger sibling. The Woodside Village thief was in extreme distress and the innocent party was relaxed. The Woodside Village rip off mulatto telegraphed his guilt to the universe. If you live at Woodside Village Apartment Homes in West Covina, California always tell the Amazon Prime delivery person to not leave packages unattended. Now I know how to respond to greetings from the juvenile delinquents in my neighborhood with, “Aw, sickness.”

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Democracy Dies In Darkness

Satellite Management Company is attempting to evict me in retaliation for writing these mulatto flavored blogs about Woodside Village Apartments. My desire is to make a chocolate flavored meal ticket out of Woodside West Covina. Retaliatory eviction is illegal in the the State of California. Could it be that Satellite Management Company is attempting to infringe upon my First Amendment rights?

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First Amendment Cross-Complaint to Unlawful Detainer Action?

A fat juicy federal lawsuit would augment my meager income nicely. If Woodside files an unlawful detainer lawsuit perhaps it can be removed to United States District Court on a civil rights jurisdiction? Maybe I will take a spin down to the local law library and begin my extensive legal research into this matter. Woodside has cited California Code of Civil Procedure Section 1174(b) so maybe a few cases will provide some blogging content inspiration.

Remember: Anybody can be a public speaker but public writers are also content creators. Synergize your efforts with a blog to become a more productive member of society.

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