I Tried to Get Out of My Lease In December 2018

My spot on the waiting list of my new home opened up in December of 2018. So I asked Satellite Management Company if they would let me out of my Woodside Village lease early. Satellite’s attorneys said that they would not. I asked Vicky Baker if they would reconsider and let me out because the Jacuzzi is broken. Again Satellite declined to let me move out early. Here is a copy of my Request for Reasonable Accommodation attempting to get out of my Woodside Village Apartment Home lease in West Covina, California.

Request For Reason

Now Woodside Wants To Rescind My Lease

Woodside West Covina is being very difficult with their management style. In fact there are even Yelp reviews stating that there is no management at Satellite Management Company. Satellite Management spent their operating budget on attorney fees to write me harassing letters instead of fixing the broken Jacuzzi and eradicating the skunk problem.

The Problem With Woodside Village West Covina

The problem with renting inexpensive apartments such as the units at Woodside Village West Covina are that the cheap standard toilets do not fit my new bulked up penis. Doing calisthenics has made my dick to big that it will not fit into the toilet seat opening when I am sitting down to have a bowel movement. I have to squeeze my huge penis down in-between my legs so that it fits into the opening when I pee.

Urinating With An Erection is Difficult at Woodside

There is also the major problem of having to urinate with a hard on in the early morning hours. I really need an outdoor area where I can stand up and piss up high through my morning erection. When I live in apartments I have to acrobatically position myself over the toilet bowl opening to pee through my diamond cutter erection.

Sometimes just I lay in bed until my erection goes down and think about all the nice homes I have lived in that had large toilet seat openings. Rich people are different, they have much better bathrooms than I do.