Woodside Village Rat Race

We work ourselves to death with the fast pace of the Woodside Village rat race style of living. Mark Twain once said that you waste your life buying things that you don’t need with money that you don’t have to impress people that you don’t like. We don’t even know the people we walk around trying to impress with our lifestyle branding. We have all been sold a bill of goods. It is not human to work our lives away just to buy more and more cool clothes.

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It is important to eat real food so that your brain can develop properly. Don’t eat fake food created by advertising. Frozen orange juice is fake food created by orange grower advertising cooperatives to sell surplus oranges.

Promoting O.J.

When orange juice growers could finally grow more oranges than the public could consume the frozen orange juice mega-industry was invented out of whole cloth. Orange juice products were created to shove down the public’s throat in order for orange farmers to sell more oranges. The human body does not require massive amounts of fruit juice on a daily basis. Too much sugar created our current obesity and diabetes epidemic. But with the public relations industry promoting orange juice advertising cooperatives the eating habits of America were forever altered in the negative. You are not helping your child by shoving orange Popsicles down his little throat.

If You Are Going To Race in Woodside Village With Rats Then Eat Good Brain Food

It is important to properly hydrate and nourish your brain every morning. Ideally your drinking water should be a pH factor of 7 and contain an essence of lemon or lime. Try to eat high quality brown eggs from range free hens and Irish steel cut oatmeal with Himalayan Pink Sherpa salt and salt-free butter. Top it off with half-a-grapefruit and that is all the citrus fruit you will need. There is no need to over consume citrus juice in the morning. Proper diet is important to running a good rat race.

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First Things First

Now more than ever it is important to take my life in small manageable bites. As a senior citizen I am becoming aware of my diminished capacity. Life really takes it’s toll. The most important thing that an older person ever told me is that life goes by really fast. So take some time out during the rat race to smell the roses.