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Complaining is Retaliated Against At Woodside Village

Woodside Village West Covina

When my doctor’s note didn’t get me out of my lease at Woodside I had to find another way and here it is. Now I can finally move back to the beach thanks to my Woodside Village complaints!

In addition to the skunks and perennially broken Jacuzzi there are other Woodside Village complaints that need to be addressed. The laundry rooms are not locked until 5:00 a.m. in the morning. They are left open all night so that kids can vandalize them and the the security guard locks them just in time to prevent early risers from doing their laundry.

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Legitimate residents are penalized by the incompetence of Satellite Management Co. and their property known as Woodside Village Apartments in West Covina, California. Therefore someone at Satellite needs to protect the residents from dangerous children.

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Woodside Village Complaints About Juvenile Delinquents

Someone stole my dirt rag at the Woodside Village Apartments. There is a skateboard riding mulatto boy who sits outside my door waiting for the Amazon delivery man to leave my packages so he can steal them. The little juvenile delinquent was my canary in a coal mine. That little mulatto child was my early warning system. Now I lock my windows when I go out. Even if I just go to the supermarket in the morning for just a few minutes I lock my doors and windows and tight. Thanks to my mulatto early warning system I make sure everything is safely locked up when I go to bed at night.

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Love Your Woodside Village Neighbors

My upstairs neighbor Sam has sent five (5) different solicitors to my door. The first one was his girlfriend to apologize for flooding my porch. The second was a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner salesman. The rest were all Baptist proselytes from Sam’s church. Doorbell ringer number six (6) was Sam himself holding a copy of the same religious tract left by all three of his predecessors.

This time I looked out the window before I opened my door and when I saw that it was Sam I didn’t answer my door for the first time in the year that I have lived here. From now on I am not just flinging my door open unless I am expecting someone. I didn’t open the door for Sam because Sam didn’t engage me properly when I introduced myself to him outside. Sammy acted funny and now I know why. Sam’s big mouth got him in a ton of trouble.

Sam’s Girlfriend Left Him

Sam’s girlfriend and her two dogs moved out of the single apartment above me. Sam was living in the same size single apartment as mine except instead of one person there were two people and two little dogs. My entire life I have practiced nudism and other people often like to let my freedom be their problem. Sam created a bad situation that only fucked up his life.

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Sam Makes Me His Problem (They All Do This)

One day Sam was checking me out as I was laying naked in the sun inside my kitchen. Sammy went blabbing all around Woodside Village Apartments complaining about me being naked inside my unit. It is illegal to tell other people what you see when you look into someone’s window. It is called invasion of privacy.

Sam went around Woodside breaking the law by complaining about what I do in the privacy of my own home. I can tell by the way all the good little people shake their heads and wag their tongues. Except that now Sammy is all alone and everyone does not seem so proud to be wagging their fingers and shaking their heads. Plus now it is nice and quiet without Sammy playing with two dogs in the apartment above me!

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