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Illegal Eviction Letter

Skunkside at Woodside West Covina

Never in my life have I ever wanted to live in a place called West Covina. That name just sounds stupid. The name West Covina subsumes that there is a noteworthy place called East Covina or maybe even just Covina. Covina is nicer than West Covina but they are still both anonymous suburbs of LA. I was doing the world a favor by lowering my standards and moving to the Woodside Village Apartments in West Covina, California. But after I complained about the skunks and broken Jacuzzi Woodside had Satellite Managment Co. serve me with a bogus eviction letter. A California landlord cannot evict a tenant for no reason. Woodside will say that a $56.49 community utility bill was late. That is not a good enough reason to evict someone for blogging about you. This case is really about freedom of expression.

woodside west covina

So Woodside made $4.00 processing the bill and $5.00 on the late payment. If Woodside needs to rip people off more then they can raise the water bill payment but they cannot evict.

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Woodside West Covina Needs Skunk Abatement

This Woodside problem all started when I complained to Satellite Management about the skunks and broken Jacuzzi. Apparently anyone who complains to Satellite Management Company is evicted.

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Back to the City

Now I can finally move back to the city where I belong. There is even more good news because thanks to Satellite Management the home page of this website has been redesigned, four blogs have been written and a new Woodside page has even been added to the menu. Satellite and their properties have been a powerful inspiration this past week. Now it is raining in the middle of May in Los Angeles for an even bigger inspiration. I’m only happy when it rains. It is raining Satellites of Inspiration in my West Covina home.

woodside village apartments skunkside

West Covina Is Actually a Trucking/Rail Hub On The 60 Freeway

I had never even set foot in West Covina until I moved into this apartment. I don’t even like the name West Covina. West Covina was just a smoggy suburb to pass through on the way to Palm Springs where the real deviants are. West Covina is a suburb of the Philippine Islands. However my unit is the nicest single apartment I have ever lived in. I am an expert on single apartments and this one is huge. Too bad the management is incompetent.

satellite management company
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