EXERCISING MY OPTIONS: Catharsis, Redemption and Rebirth

Bipolar Enterprise:

Exercise is good therapy for bipolar emotional disorders. Last week I wore out a pair of Nike cross-trainers walking through the wet grass and sprinkler mist in the park. Now I wear my 18 inch Danner ice hiking boots trekking through Victoria Park and doing my sun salutations. Wearing out walking shoes is good emotional therapy.

bipolar healingTwelve years ago I was a nervous wreck like the tortured bipolar soul in The Scream by Edvard Munch. Now my facial expression is yogic bliss and my orange backdrop is the sun rising over the Mojave Desert. The Holy Spirit told me to clean up my act and so I am putting everything into this blog. Positive action cures everything.

bipolar emotional depressionThrift Shops

The key to buying clothes in thrift stores is to know how to walk out of a thrift shop without purchasing anything. That way you only buy brand new items that you are going to immediately wear. I buy the most incredible brand new high tech men’s 2% stretch jeans for $10.00 at Revivals. Brand new expensive shirts with eye-popping accessories in the form of jeweled buttons.  New white leather walking shoes.  Last month I bought over $500.00 worth of jeans and shirts for $81.00 because I’m size skinny. When you are a size 31 waist there are lots of cool jeans in thrift stores. Plus shopping this way gives you topics to blog about.

authenticity Authenticity

What exactly are you buying in life? What is there to purchase and what is there to know? Authenticity requires a fundamental character set. Do you exercise daily? Do you eat real food or fake microwave food? Have you created a real life and a real person or are you basing your existence upon what you hate? Modern social practice requires taking the time to delay your sexual gratification and build a solid character.

communication skillsCommunication Skills

Do you know what a thesis sentence is? It is important to learn how to speak and write clearly. Say what you mean when you write. The key to good writing is editing your work. I learned that from a Woody Allen documentary in film school forty years ago. Most of the time I rewrite these blogs two or three times before I publish them. Even after I publish my articles I am still constantly rewriting them. Even these stream of consciousness blogs about treating my bipolar kinks with kundalini yoga and exercise. Kundalini kink lifestyle.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.