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We teach in an emotional health blog what we need to learn most, right? So here is my lesson:  My parents taught me almost everything except emotional intelligence. My emotions have been a hindrance to my personal and professional growth and now I must spiritually heal my emotional imbalance with God. I will use this blog as my vehicle for personal emotional transformation from a grumpy old man to a newborn God.  

Chapter Five of the Twelve Steps Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous helped me to use honesty to overcome my grave emotional and mental disorders. Deep down inside all know what is really wrong with us. Narcissism and the pursuit of pleasure can give me emotional blindness. I suffer from emotional damage as a result of inheriting my mother’s fears and insecurities that she inherited from her immigrant parents, and so on, and so on. My father was also emotionally stunted and so my father and mother got together and created the perfect storm of bad emotional health & hygiene practice. My siblings children are emotional basket cases. I did the world a favor and refrained from breeding. Where is my reward?

Emotional Health Blog Tips:

The purpose of this emotional health blog is to use kundalini yoga practice to rebirth my emotions and life. For the past five years I have been distracting myself with gay sexual lessons. It was all well and good I am very glad I did it. Okay now I’m kind of done with gay for a while. My homosexual education is winding down now in favor of my emotional education. Control and balance of emotions is the lesson I was put here on Earth to learn. I have the time and resources to do that now. I may not get to all the international travel destinations I want to visit however I will definitely now go to the emotional destinations I need to visit. This emotional health blog will chronicle my adventures.

This emotional health blog is dedicated to people transforming their personal and private sexuality. Whichever way you are going: Caitlyn Jenner or Prince, go with God and everything will be okay.  If you have your emotional health then you have everything. Happiness is an inside job. It is better to have perfect online friends for a while than to associate with depraved emotional defectives with no desire to wake up and heal themselves with God’s love. Some people are either too intelligent or too stupid to pray. Me I pray to God on my knees in the Catholic Church because I practice religion now.