Gender Discrimination

Guru Hatemonger

Guru Singh openly advocates sexism against men in his Kundalini meditation classes at Yoga West. By preaching his Yogi Bhajan anti-patriarchal philosophy of Aquarianism and allowing Libby Hudson to kick me out of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, he is violating my civil rights. I have been discriminated against by a religious organization. 

trample sexism

Due Process

You can’t just accuse someone of a crime and punish him yourself just because he is a male. We have laws against that in America. Men all have a right to due process under the law. Men have a right to face their accusers in court. If you are a teacher and you don’t like one of your students, you can’t just kick him out of school anonymously like Dya Kaur Libby Hudson did in October 2017. I only found out my accuser Libby Hudson’s name two months ago in February 2018. Ms. Hudson has violated my civil rights by kicking me out of Yoga West with no due process. She must submit admissible evidence in a court of law. She must allow a defendant to face his accusers and question witnesses in his own defense. 

astrid howe emotional violence

Trample Sexism

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, yoga studios are not very fun places for guys. On the surface it would seem like a yoga studio would be a nice warm friendly place for union of male and female, sun and moon, breath and movement. In reality yoga studios are hostile environments for men. I have held this darkness inside of me for years and now I have to write about this yoga studio bad vibrational field of yoga women against guys. Now that I am an old man and won’t  be spending my money on yoga studios I am finally free so speak my mind. Learn yoga for free on YouTube.

Libby Just Wanted to Fuck With a Man

In my personal practice of yoga, masculine and feminine are metaphorically joined in union. Now I fully understand that women are not loving their masculine nature like I am loving my feminine nature. Women want to kill men in yoga studios. Sikh Kundalini yoga teachers like Guru Singh encourage sexism against men at Yoga West. There are very few men practicing yoga compared to women. There are no men practicing yoga because women don’t want them to. Women want to withhold yoga as if they are withholding sex. Libby Hudson just wanted a man to fuck with and I was the first sucker to cross her path. 

vedic sexism