Ask Yoga West Hard Questions About Akal Security

Akal Security

Next time Guru Singh tries to tell you he is not in the rich old white male club ask him about Akal Security and the Siri Singh Sahib corporate organizational flow chart. (Thanks to Phillip Tanzer @ for the excellent work product).  Yoga West is part of a billion dollar international conglomerate that may still include sub-contracting work for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  In the past, Yoga West’s sister entity Akal Security did sub-contract work for ICE that may have involved the separation of children from their parents at the border.   

Ask Yoga West if They Use Akal Security

Are you currently enrolled in Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Guru Singh and Sat Devbir at Yoga West?  Is Guru Singh giving you that same old song and dance that he is not a white male?  Ask Guru Singh about Akal Security, Inc.  Is Akal currently providing security services to KYTT?


Looking back from the vantage point of six months I now remember the confrontational vibe coming on to me at Yoga West.  I first felt it at the food service table when one of the kundalini yoga teachers was giving me the Kaur stare down.  It made me feel really uncomfortable.  The whole time I was at KYTT it felt hostile and warlike.  At the time I had no knowledge of the Sikh religion or its influence on Yogi Bhajanism.  When I first felt the voodoo vibe I didn’t even know about kirpans.  Now that I know about the violent nature of Sikhism it all makes sense.  I wish I had of had access to this information.  I needed a review of Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training to explain that it was comprised in large part of the Sikh religion and astrology.  Armed with this information I probably would have chose a different yoga.  Maybe I would have went to the Sivananda Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, California.