The World Is Just a Reflection of Yourself

Welcome to the online Yoga West LA neighborhood where I am learning to do this asana starting in plank like this tattooed yoga teacher. Every morning I do this yoga asana but I don’t even know what the name of it is. It doesn’t matter what the name of it is.

This is the easy version where you don’t hold the handstand

I recently started doing this asana because I always hated it in yoga class and have been avoiding it my whole life. Then I saw a video of Dya Kaur doing this asana and my body spontaneously performed it on my yoga mat. There is no other person.


The other person is only a reflection of you because there is only oneness. Dya Kaur merely is a reflection Libby Hudson and Libby Hudson is a mirror of myself. Except that Dya Kaur and Libby Hudson are usually wearing white kundalini clothes and I am usually naked.

Start In Plank

The tattooed male yoga teacher in the featured image for this post is helping me perfect this asana and not Dya Kaur. Now I will try to do it like he is doing it, starting from plank. Previously I had been starting in a squat. Now I will do the full movement like the only male yoga teacher performing in this article. Except that I will be naked during my yoga practice. Now that I am an old man and I do whatever I want I only practice yoga naked. Nudity gives me a full range of movement.


Yoga West LA Neighborhood

Walking down Horner Street in the Yoga West LA neighborhood a fat teenage Jewish kid in a yarmulke laughed at my ostentatious white kundalini Yogi Bhajan outfit. I had finally become a total spiritual hypocrite in special religious garments. Next thing you know I will be praying in public.

Driving down the street I had to laugh at my religious get-up also. In my quest for kundalini yoga I had inadvertently become a member of the Sikh religion. Then to top it off I made myself look really stupid sitting inside the In-N-Out Burger wearing my white yogi uniform. There sits the fraudulent meat-eating kundalini yogi of Robertson Boulevard! After that I changed clothes in my van before leaving the Yoga West LA neighborhood.

yoga west la neighborhood
Previously I had been starting like this girl. Now I will start in plank like the man at the top of this post.
Now I Only Practice Yoga Naked

The original yogis were sadhus who were nudists covered in ash. Nude yogi’s bathing in the Ganges seems like a homeless lifestyle to me. My version of yogi nudity is very much different from the historic sadhus. Nudity is based on health and well being. Tantric practice is well suited to nudity. So now that I am an old yogi on a fixed income I only practice nude yoga in my home with free online teachers. Cool yoga clothes and classes are expensive.

Here Is My Next Level That I Aspire To

I am going to start lifting my leg up like my new favorite yoga teacher of the week: