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Day of the Dead

CANCELLED | Yoga West Review Tej Kaur Halloween Class 

This Yoga West Review of Tej Kaur’s Special Halloween Class has been postponed because Tej Kaur’s Halloween Class was cancelled with eleven hours notice and no reason was given.  More Yoga West celebrity reviews will be forthcoming in future blogs.  In the meantime, if you want good yoga, try Aimee’s kundalini yoga class at YogaWorks in Manhattan Beach, California. 

Never go to Yoga West around Halloween or Day of the Dead.  Bad Vibes.  Last year right before Halloween I took Nampreet Erica Lisciano’s class because she is the director of Yoga West, Inc.  I wanted to try and clear my name of the serious rumors filed against me by Dya Kaur.  When Nampreet said that Yoga West would be closing early for Halloween as a safety precaution I knew that pleading my case would be hopeless.  When women in authority start talking about how afraid they are, you really want to just disappear.  Better yet, just cancel your membership like I did. 

religion kills sikh women

Thank God For DNA Profiling

Take it from a skinny bisexual geek like me who previously spent a lot of time in expensive elitist kundalini yoga studios:  If a woman on a yoga mat asks you about computer security don’t take the bait.  If she initiates a fear based topic and you engage her, you just became “that guy who talks about computer security”.  It doesn’t matter that she brought the topic up first.  Get it?  You guys know what I’m talking about.  Be careful out there. It is dangerous and at Yoga West you may be perceived as a white male even if you have have less than 50% pure Caucasian DNA like I do.  Guru Singh is a white male bashing hate monger who doesn’t want any men in the Yoga West main studio after he has departed.  Currently I am taking advantage of these 85 degree Fall days by tanning my Latin flavored buttocks the blackest tan it has ever had.  The only way I will ever be able to prove to Yoga West that I am not a white male would be to have Guru Singh Khalsa kiss my dark brown half-Mexican ass.

The good news is that no matter what happens, they still have to try you in a court of law and DNA does not lie.  I am not afraid of any criminal prosecutions that Yoga West may bring against me.  I just want them begin discovery and investigation within the next twenty or thirty years so that I may get on with my life as a senior citizen and double heart attack survivor.  

internet sleuth

Never take a kundalini yoga class at Yoga West around Halloween because it is dangerous.  The women of Yoga West are looking for an enemy. If you are not a celebrity then Yoga West is not a safe place for men on Halloween, Day of the Dead or any other day on which violence is celebrated or glorified.  Somebody has to die and it was almost me. You could be next.  

killer kirpan kaur girls

Blood Ritual

This is not your grandmother’s Halloween, these little girls are serious.  These little girls are not trick or treating or promenading for The Day of The Dead.  Any decent Yoga West review should contain a brief description of the kirpan.  The kirpan is a dagger that must be worn by all members of the Sikh religion at all times.  Real kundalini yoga is not part of the Sikh religion.

Sikh Religion Kills

The Kundalini Kaur girls don’t really know who they want to kill.  They just want to kill.  If women had the guts to kill like me do then we could just get this all over with right now.  The kundalini kaur women should just start hacking men up into little pieces.  The only way out of something is to go straight through it.  Gay bathhouses cured me of homosexualism and Yoga West cured me of expensive kundalini yoga classes. 

Yoga West Review | Religion Kills

Forget about Tej Kaur, Sikhism and the religious aspects of Bhajanist yoga.  The most important thing about yoga is to have a personal practice.  Every morning I warm up with cat cow and then go into my personal yoga practice.  Forget religion because religion kills.   

religion kills