Anti-Patriarchal Dogma Makes Yoga West Toxic

Guru Singh preaches anti-patriarchal dogma that makes Yoga West toxic for men. That is why there are very few men at Yoga West. Guru Singh and Yoga West have incited a #MeToo frenzy in which unwitting extroverts such as myself can be entrapped. I feel like I got sucker punched by Dya Kaur and Adarsh. I have no desire to be intimate with women except maybe socially. I only came for the yoga and I didn’t get very much of that. The men that do survive at Yoga West are meek and docile like Bernie the Gong Master.

women more powerful

Where does the gentleman fit in who is an experienced and non-violent tantric yogi? I have been practicing yoga for over forty years. I can sit in full lotus. I came to Yoga West to have a majestic experience on my yoga mat. I did not pay the expensive entrance fee for irregular discharge of polarity discussed in Chapter Three of Man to Man by Yogi Bhajan below.

Trick Question Gets Me Terminated

At Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Guru Singh asked a trick question. He said to turn to the person next to you and say something totally unfiltered. So I turned to the person next to me and said something unfiltered about how Shiva-Shakti union could prevent needless sex change surgery. Or something like that, it was unfiltered.  Unfortunately the person sitting next to me was Dya Kaur Libby Hudson Lydecker, the celebrity yoga instructor. Libby breached the confidentiality of our teacher-student relationship by telling Sat Devbir Singh, who told Adarsh, who suspended my attendance at KYTT for my unfiltered remark made as part of a Guru Singh exercise. 

I apologized and took it back and practically begged here to let me stay in the program.  Instead Adarsh refunded my $3,200 to my debit card. At that time, Adarsh and Dya Kaur had no idea that I was taking four kundalini classes a week at Yoga West on my unlimited membership.

Clearing My Subconscious of Yoga West

So I increased my yoga classes to five to seven per week but the whole time I felt uneasy in the Yoga West toxic environment. My Yoga West toxicity spewed out of me one day at a food truck when they were out of gumbo.  I was embarrassed at myself and apologized profusely. My apology was accepted by the food truck girl but my apologies were never accepted by Dya Kaur, Adarsh or Sat Devbir Singh.  After I ate my lunch I realized that I had to get out of the Yoga West toxic man-hating environment.