I’m smarter than the average bear -Yogi Bear

Yogi Bhajan changed the name of the most basic yoga asana from down dog to triangle.  He also modified the sacred Om into a nine-syllable chant.  Yogi Bhajan is down right licentious the way he creates composite images of Sikh and Catholic icons.  Now thanks to Phillip Tanzer @ I find out I have only just begun to scratch the surface.  The bad news is that I have used so many key word variations of Yogi Bhajan that for this article I have to call him Yogi Bear for SEO purposes.   


The Corporation Behind Yogi Bear Bhajan 

Siri Singh Sahib is an extremely grandiose name to bestow upon your multi-national corporation.  The Siri Singh Sahib is the most sacred book in the Sikh religion.  Now I see why Punjab Sikhs hate Yogi Bear Bhajan much.  The Bhajanists are extremely liberal with other people’s religions.  If Yoga West’s holding company has a business entity which contracts with the federal government for security, shouldn’t Yoga West refrain from violating the civil rights of kundalini yoga students?  Yoga West is not a benevolent spiritual retreat center.  Yoga West is part of a huge corporation that has made hundreds of millions of dollars performing security contracting for the United States Government by way of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Can Siri Singh Sahib be connected to separating children from their parents at the Mexican border?  Maybe, that barbaric border separation happens all the time.  We’re all lucky to even be alive.  It’s a jungle out there.  

Have I been disrespectful to Yoga West and Yogi Bear Bhajan?  Maybe, but they were very disrespectful to me.  I didn’t get any respect from Yoga West and I am not expecting any.  I am not expecting due process, justice or the ability to confront any witnesses against me.  If I really wanted justice and a fair deal in America today I would wear a body cam. 

There definitely a war on men no doubt about it, however this blog has proposed a safe harbor for men who pay to be in yoga class.  I erroneously assumed Yoga West was just some little independent yoga studio but they are not.  Yoga West is part of a huge business organization making billions of dollars and not just from Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and White Tantra Yoga.   

It was wrong for Yoga West and Dya Kaur to sexually harass me and interfere with my life-long yoga study of yoga.  I didn’t fight it because at the time Yoga West was not worth it.  I just assumed that Yoga West was kicking me out of Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training for looking at Dya Kaur the wrong way and that was that.  Or maybe she was jealous because my body can do better yoga than hers.  Women are like that.  I no longer have to work for a living so it doesn’t matter if Yoga West ruins my professional career however Yoga West also ruined my travel, lodging and holiday season 2017.  I told Adarsh and Sat Devbir that they were really making me sad but they had no compassion.  It was so unbelievable that I am just now waking up.  I have been in denial for a year.  Now I think I have post-traumatic stress disorder because suddenly I am really pissed off.  I think that what really happened was that I was sexually harassed by Dya Kaur.  Now that I see all the photos of kundalini women with swords I realize that kundalini yoga needed a bad guy and I got tagged for it.  Yoga West creates a need for security contractors because they treat people badly.  

Yogi Bear Bhajan needed a body guard so he started a company called Akal Security.  What does a Sikh holy man and kundalini master need with a body guard?  Because the vibe at Yoga West in Beverly Hills is very high security and high anxiety.  I just found this organizational flow chart and am amazed at what I am up against.  One year ago today I left the desert and came to my home town of Los Angeles to take Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga West.  I paid my money and although it was refunded to me I am still on the path seeking fulfillment of my destiny.  Why didn’t Yoga West have Akal security handle the matter?  I may have ended up with a career at Siri Singh Sahaib.  But no, they want everything.  All the money, all the knives and all the yoga.  

Siri Singh Sahib is named after the most holy book in the Sikh religion.  These are religious gangsters.  Yogi Bear stole kundalini yoga from Saraswati and put his own name on everything.  It has become my mission in life to illustrate exactly how the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation is destroying kundalini yoga.  If I pay you $3,600 for yoga lessons you are supposed to uplift me and give me something to do, not deny my right to exist on the planet.  Now I know why women are screaming for closure for every little wrong that has been done unto them.  Sometimes I feel like Yoga West and their associated entities are holding an ax over my head that could drop at any moment.  At what point should Yoga West be required to obey American law? 

Am I going to be 80 years old on my death-bed and have these guys come after me for something I did while drunk in high school?  I am a 61 year-old recovering alcoholic who has had two major heart surgeries and shingles.  I didn’t get any respect from Yoga West and I am not expecting any.  At this point in my life it will probably be easier to just dissolve the entire entity known as Kundalini, Inc., so let’s just roll up our shirtsleeves and get started.  

 What is a Default-Sikh? 

You never know at any moment you could be automatically deemed a default-Sikh.  If you are declared a default-Sikh you will be required to wear a kripan.  A default-Sikh is a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training student who puts on a turban and really gets into it.  This happens to a lot of people at Yoga West without realizing it.  You will know when the bill comes in the mail.  You will be required to purchase a kirpan at that time.  All Default-Sikhs are required to pay an 11% tax to the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.  Get in line early and have your wallets open because there is a really long line to get inside the Golden Temple to see Yogi Bear.