Bhajanism is Dalit Untouchable Not Kundalini Yoga Hindu

THE UNTOUCHABLES | Dalit Means Not a Member of One of the Four Forward Indian Castes

Yogi Bhajan had to leave India in order to better himself because he was a member of the Dalit class, also known as an untouchable or backward caste.  When he immigrated in the 1960’s life was really hard for Dalit’s in India, and it is still a rather grim existence today.  Yogi Bhajan was not a Hindu and his biographies all fail to mention this integral Dalit detail.  He is part of a matrix comprised of lower classes who do not fit into one of the four casts.  Yogi Bhajan’s people were were not allowed to hold government jobs or even vote until after Indian independence in 1947.  The Dalits are the African-Americans of India. 

dalit nation


Now it is easier to see why Yogi Bhajan left India and first immigrated to cosmopolitan Canada.  Yogi Bhajan left India because he was an outsider.  But then when he got to Canada he did not fit into the entrenched elitist Punjabi Sikh society and/or he could not break into it on a meaningful level.  Yogi Bhajan had to come to America where there is no caste system and immigrants who free themselves from these old world shackles can thrive.  Yogi Bhajan came to Beverly Hills and created his own Dalit Sikh religion called Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan.  Next thing you know, ‘ole Jed’s a millionaire.  

Hippies, Protesting Dalits and Bhajanism

Now it is easier to understand how Yogi Bhajan gathered up the hippies on Hollywood Boulevard.  They were all outsiders.  Now they are all corporate insiders.  The whole thing is based upon the lie of Yogi Bhajan’s lineage.  Yogi Bhajan is not a kundalini yoga master he is just a really good salesman.  He made everything up.  Sikhs do not practice yoga, they think it is for animals.  Sikhs are also meat eaters and Bhajanists are vegetarians per Yogi Bhajan.  Now it is easy to see why Bhajanism is not that big in America.  I have been practicing yoga my whole life and only recently heard of kundalini yoga.  Now I have done research into Saraswati Sivananda and the roots and origins of kundalini.  Yogi Bhajan is misleading.  He is misrepresentational.  The whole turban thing is a put-on.  Now I see why the Sikhs needed to build the ostentatious Golden Temple.  The Sikhs mistakenly believe that they have to prove they are good enough.  Everybody’s good enough you don’t need all this ridiculous religious posturing.  

COMING SOON | Roots of Dalit Bhajanism | Sant Hazara Singh

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.