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Control Your Metabolism With Your Mind -Yogi Bhajan

In Man to Man, Yogi Bhajan honestly reveals the ultimate uselessness of religion, yoga, pretentious white religious garments, etc. and truly liberates the reader in much the same way that Adi Da debunks the need for a guru in Garbage and the Goddess. In both books it is revealed that spirituality is unnecessary because everything that you could ever possibly need is already contained in the form of your own brain. Garbage and the Goddess is out of print, suppressed by Adi Da’s followers and very difficult to find. I borrowed my copy from the downtown Los Angeles Public Library. 

Adi Da published his fourth book, titled Garbage and the Goddess: The Last Miracles and Final Spiritual Instructions of Bubba Free John. It documented the relatively unexpurgated lectures and activities of this period.[89] It quickly sold out its first print run, and a second was sent to bookstores. However, due to the controversial nature of its contents, all available copies were quickly retrieved and ritually burned at Adi Da’s behest.[22][90][91]

Twenty years later, I saw that exact same LAPL copy on Michael Filipowich’s dining room table. Maybe someday I will be able to provide the world with a pdf of Garbage and the Goddess. For now, here is a pdf of Man to Man that I purchased on Scribd.

At page 106 of Man to Man,Yogi Bhajan reveals that even yoga is a scam. Yogi Bhajan is a much more important teacher than Da because Bhajan goes on to explain many practical secret’s such as how to control your metabolism with your mind in this book. Kundalini yoga does offer excellent spiritual technology buried deep inside the pretentious white robed woo woo spiritual theater. 

I am in a fugue state of transformation reading Man to Man in this blessed overcast weather. Rain is in the forecast and that will be great weather to curl up with Man to Man on your digital device this weekend. Here is the entire book:

Man to Man

Introduction | Table of Contents | Chapter One

Talks With Yogi Bhajan

Chapter Two

Inside the Real Man

Chapter Three

Incentive and Invocation of Polarities

Chapter Four

Growing As a Man

Chapter Five
The Real Strength of a Man
Chapter Six
Sex, Success & Prosperity
Chapter Seven – Part One
The Successful Man

Download (PDF, 3.83MB)

Chapter Seven – Part Two
Mental Aspects

Download (PDF, 6.08MB)

Chapter Eight – Part One
The Invincible Man
Chapter Eight – Part Two
Communication is Personality
The Art of Suggestion

Chapter Nine – Part One

The Blocks Men Can’t Talk About

Chapter Nine – Part Two

Living the You within You

Chapter Ten

Being a Man

Chapter Eleven

The Qualities of a Successful Man

Chapter Twelve

Excel as a Man

Chapter Thirteen – Part One

On Being a Spiritual Man

Chapter Thirteen – Part Two

Wake Up Like a Man

Appendix A – Additional Recommended Kriyas

Appendix B


I have gained a new experience of myself after reading Man to Man. I am motivated to talk less. I am not running around emoting all the time. My communication style is my personality. Yogi Bhajan has been a good influence on me.  I have entered a new realm of experience with feminine energy after experiencing this book. I have learned how to experience a book rather than just read it.  My pdf file of Man to Man is like a guru to me.

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