Yogi Experience

If you want to have an extraordinary life then breath extraordinarily. The yogi experiences more of life than ordinary people because his mind is relaxed and open. Diversity makes us stronger and so my life has been about seeking new and different yogi experience. This blog is where it all gets integrated into a presentable package for mass consumption.

Sitting Becomes the Ultimate Yogi Experience

Sitting on my yoga mat my body is engaged just from the act of sitting. It took years to get this way. There is a heating pad in-between me and my yoga mat. Sitting has become morning ritual approximately five days per week. Now the simple act of sitting is a yoga asana the way my entire body is engaged. When I was a college student I intentionally gave myself anxiety because it felt like something my mother would do for me.

bipolar experience
Intentional Anxiety

Anxiety Was My Mother’s Milk

My mother’s breasts were barren when I was prematurely born. Since my mother had no milk for me I had to be bottle fed and it created anxiety and hunger as my personality foundation. Then when I became a paralegal God told me to stop being a nervous wreck all the time. When I worked at Safeco Insurance my co-worker Trish O’Brien said that I was a ticking time bomb behind my back. Trish was right. However instead of self-imploding I went to Milestones Ranch Malibu to begin my cosmic yogi experience. Now I heal the world and Trish O’Brien too with love and meditation.

Love is All You Need

John Lennon was right, love is all you need. This has been the lesson that I was born to learn. I am here to learn how to love. The healing power of love feels like medicinal gravity to my broken soul. This blog is an act of love as I have an orgasm with the planet. Love is refining and sophisticating me.

Refinement and Sophistication Through Yogi Experience

I needed to reinvent my personal style. The old punk rock do-it-yourself style that I learned long ago was no longer working for me. When I was creating withing the framework of a rock band I could be a lot rougher than I am now. The vulgarity and profanity of popular culture must be removed from my stylistic tool box.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.