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A True Yogi Must Transform Himselfbisexual experience

Nobody is going to just come along and hand me the secret sacred Kundalini yogi powers that give me the ability to radically transform my own life. Nobody can even perform that miracle for me, I have to do a lot of really hard work for myself. I have absolutely no choice left in life except to become the complete and total embodiment of a Kundalini Yogi by following the precise, detailed, scientific instructions contained in The Aquarian Teacher textbook.

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Four months ago I left the desert and returned home to LA because I wanted to transform myself with the best mind body soul technology available. I have been practicing KY for an hour and a half, four to five mornings a week and my mind is clear. Last Friday, I even took two classes, back to back. My DNA is being reconfigured with the repetitions and re-patterning of the Kundalini kriyas. At my intense depth of healing I have to do it for myself because no physician, psychiatrist, priest or guru could ever heal me as miraculously as I have healed myself with scientific meditation and visualization.  

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The true yogi must raise himself, he must merge totally with the infinite.

                   -The Aquarian Teacher, p. 212 

The Definition of a Yogi

The Yogi is not affected by the opposite polarities of life-neither by praise nor by slander, neither by riches nor by poverty, neither by health nor by illness, neither by life nor by death. The Will of God is the will of the Yogi. He or she surrenders his or her personal will to the Will of God. When Kundalini, the primal force of the Prana (life energy), penetrates and prevails throughout the chakras, the Yogi remains stable to the odds of Karma and walks the even path of Dharma. The Raj Yoga is a sage and a king in the face of all temptations, situations, events, and environments. Those who meditate on Guru Ram Das are blessed through miracles to be royal sages throughout the ages.

                                                                                                                                                   -Yogi Bhajan, September 1995

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Do It Yourself

A good student doesn’t need a lot of additional, private face time with a good teacher after the class is over. When the esteemed Waldorf School founder, teacher, leader and yogi Rudolph Steiner was on his death bed, people still kept banging on his door for more healing. Steiner had already given the people schools, knowledge, curriculums, methods, a social structure and everything they needed to figure it all out for themselves. The mediocre minds still wanted to just remain passive and let the great man spoon feed them their answers. The answers are to be found within by developing and refining my own intuitive abilities by purifying my thinking and reasoning. Where will I go for my answers at 3:00 a.m. when the healing store is closed?

The Answer Is To Fill Up A Lot of Garbage Cans

I’ve been at AA meetings where self-help gurus give hurting people the Godly answers they need pure and simple right there in the meeting for free, and then the hurting soul walks out the door because it is not the answer she wanted to hear. Most people just want to blame somebody else so people will feel sorry for them. Nobody wants to do the really hard work on themselves. The answer is simple to hear, but really hard to do.

The answer is to cease my self-delusional style of eccentric thinking and speaking. Save all the craziness for this blog. The answer is to throw away my old rotten ego & personality like a faded, worn-out hoodie with a broken zipper. The answer is for me to shut up in public.  The answer is to use meditation technology to merge my finite mind with the infinite mind of God . . . 


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.