Your Child’s First Hit of Heroin is Usually a “FREE SAMPLE”

“Free” Youth League Samples

Pedophile predators and gay child sex traffickers often use the same manipulative tactics as drug dealers.  By offering the first hit of a new vice for free you build up your client base.  The first hit of heroin is free.  John Herriot uses the same marketing tactics as schoolyard drug dealers by offering free youth league baseball uniforms to gain acceptance from children and their parents.  Convicted felon Herriot, Rick Boehle and Jeff Calvert, Esq. use free baseball uniforms as a pedophile grooming technique to interest and entice prepubescent boys in California, Tennessee and Colorado. 

There Is No Such Thing As Free Lunch |  So-called “free samples” of little league baseball uniforms will end up costing a lot more than paying for real uniforms from a reputable dealer. Beware of sophisticated homosexual pedophiles passing out free candy in your neighborhood. Sports Warehouse is a PO Box in the gay city of West Hollywood, California run by a registered child sexual predator. Nobody offers free samples of clothing on the web. This is blatant child exploitation from an active Megans Law Website registered gay child sexual offender.

youth league deception  


How Long Has This Been Going On?  Herriot started in 1979 and he went to prison for child copulation in 1983. Did Herriot use free samples of little league baseball uniforms to entice the Mexican boys he was convicted of having sex with back then? Is John Herriot providing “free” sports equipment samples to prepubescent athletes at Camp Shalom Malibu?  How long has this been going on and when will it end?   

There Are No Free Samples of Baseball Uniforms

None of the other youth league baseball websites offer “free samples”. Russell Athletics is the acknowledged leader in the world of sports uniforms and a search of their website for “free samples” produces nothing. Nothing is free in life. How can you give a free sample of a baseball uniform? This is dangerous deception from a professional organization experienced at trafficking teenage boys for sexual exploitation by elderly homosexual men.  

major league deception

Major League Deception

Registered child sexual predator John Herriot’s racketeering influenced criminal organizations are using major league baseball trademark logos to deceive children and adults. We live in a brand conscious world where merely associating yourself with an icon can create instant credibility in a young and naive mind.  By representing that Jeff Calvert, Esq. is providing legal counsel and advice these organizations have been able to infiltrate legitimate summer camps in Malibu.

Accept No Substitutes | Now that we are in spring training season, John Herriot and Sports Warehouse are actively enticing your children with their first free hit of a violent and dangerous criminal enterprise. Herriott’s fake websites have no online capability to sell anything, they are merely a cover for child exploitation, pornography and sex trafficking.

Avoid Fake Websites | Don’t accept free little league baseball uniforms from registered sex offenders operating dummy websites out of PO boxes using toll free 800 numbers in gay cities. Real websites do not use phone numbers to take orders, everything is online, everybody knows that, even a twelve year-old boy.  Use a real encrypted website with an online shopping cart that accepts credit card payment.  Protect your male children from professional homosexual pedophile deception, do not accept free candy from strangers. 

major league baseball logos