Culver City City Hall

culver city city hall

The Culver City Hall grounds are very inviting to the casual pedestrian looking for a relaxing environment in the big city. I have never even been to this location when the government buildings are open to the public. Taking interior photos someday soon will be used for a future blog. When I walk to my local Sprouts Market or other frequent destinations I can easily walk straight down Venice Boulevard. However many days I detour a few blocks out of my way to take the scenic route through the locations you see depicted here. Especially in the fall when all the leaves are brown, but the skies are rarely gray.

city hall grounds
The Culver City Hall Grounds. Photo: Dean McAdams

I live in downtown Culver City by careful choice

I could live anywhere in California or the United States within reason. I love San Francisco and New York but they are just too hectic for me at my age. And so I have made a well informed decision to live in the Culver City – West L.A. neighborhood of Palms. My apartment is located right across the street from beautiful downtown Culver City. So take a look at the amazing neighborhood that I am very fortunate to call my home.

culver city city hall street view
Culver City City Hall street view. Photo: Dean McAdams

Culver City Hall Reflecting Pool

When I took these photographs of the Culver City Hall grounds the early spring sun was still low in the sky. Therefore the blinding sun was in my lens preventing me from properly photographing some of the more interesting details of the reflecting pool & sculpture garden. I plan on returning to capture these details when the light is right. Today it is raining in Los Angeles and so maybe later this morning or perhaps on the weekend I will remedy this. I will take some stunning photos of the water garden sculptures dedicated to the local indigenous Tongva people when the light is behind me. When I took these early morning photographs of the Culver City Hall grounds I was mainly focused on getting the best light by having the sun at my back.

culver city hall sculpture garden
Culver City Hall Reflecting Pool & Sculpture Garden. Photo: Dean McAdams

Culver City Government

I hope to attend some meetings of the Culver City Council and report them here. I want to make this an important local news site. My goal is to be a blessing and a benefit to my community. This will also boost my search engine rankings. I love seeing my blogs at the top of page one on the Google organics.

council chambers
Culver City Hall Council Chambers. Photo: Dean McAdams

A few days ago I met a young gentleman who is a transplant from North Carolina. He said that he relocated to Culver City because he needed a change. One of the first things he said is that this neighborhood is very walkable. His comments warmed my heart. Living in this neighborhood one can walk to everything. I can walk the UPS Store to drop off my Amazon returns and I can walk to the Post Office. If I ever needed public transportation the options are many. The train station is also walking distance from my home. However post-pandemic even less people like me take public transportation than pre-pandemic. Why subject yourself to danger unnecessarily if you are fortunate enough to have a car?

Photo: Dean McAdams
I can even walk to the hospital or my Cedars-Sinai urgent care if I need too

One of the first places I walked to when I moved here was the local Culver City medical offices Cedars-Sinai medical offices and urgent care. This is the reason that I designated Cedars as my Medicare provider. Cedars is located a mere three blocks from my home. With my heart condition I can easily walk two blocks from my apartment to the Southern California Hospital. This hospital was actually one of the many reasons that I chose to relocate to this amazing neighborhood. However my doctors have informed me that this particular hospital is not the best choice for cardiac emergencies! When I need to have my heart looked after I travel to my Beverly Hills cardiologist or the main Cedars-Sinai hospital up on Third Street. I also have the option of the highly rated St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica which is located just a few miles from my home. Southern California Hospital Culver City is the where my former Malibu cohort Donal O’Rourke passed away at and a fitting way to end this blog.

southern california hospital
I just noticed that the exterior contains giant Brail lettering! Photo: Dean McAdams

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