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Former Los Angeles Police Dept. Deputy Chief of Robbery/Homicide David Doan and his wife Terri pretended they wanted my divorce paralegal services thereby attempting to entrap me into practicing law without a license at the LAX IHOP.
I recognized the Chief by his fouled-up brown shoes.
Always pay attention to the shoes!

Welcome to Dean’s Crime Blog. Investigating crime is what I love to do so much that I would do it for free. And so I do! I love online investigative work so much that I should have been a real detective with a badge and gun. Solving crime using open source online resources is surprisingly easy. Read these crime blogs and you can learn how to find free online information just like I do.

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One of my greatest ongoing assignments is exposing an army of investigators led by former LAPD Chief of Robbery/Homicide David Doan and crime writer James Lincoln Warren. They are trying to entrap me into performing the unauthorized practice of law and they are failing miserably. They even have their wives involved in their treachery. In a novel twist in conducting entrapment operations by law enforcement agents, Detective Doan takes his wife Terri along on undercover assignments with him! All they managed to do was give me shingles and a heart attack. Congratulations on the good work. Because of their covert operations I am reluctant to the point of paranoia in responding to all strangers who contact this website. So now I am aggressively fighting back against all wrongdoers by way of this crime blog.

crime blog motivator Jeffrey Robert Cowan Goldhammer, 2617 Titan Lane, Lake Havasu City, AZ
If you have any information regarding this criminal, please contact me. I promise I will contact all of my sources and protect their confidentiality.

Jeff Cowan is finally in jail where he belongs!

It gives me great pleasure to report that one of my earliest crime blog targets, Mr. Jeffrey Robert Cowan Goldhammer, C.P.A., who is the accountant for convicted child trafficker John Herriot, has been thrown in jail. Cowan was arrested by his bail bondsman at his residence on May 23, 2021 for multiple violations of a court issued restraining order. He has a continued hearing on August 3, 2021 in Department 3T of the Indio Larson Justice Center. While he was locked up he picked up two additional charges. One for battery for pulling another inmates hair in a fight and one for indecent exposure to a Deputy Sheriff. Cowan is now facing a total of eight misdemeanor charges currently filed against him. Hopefully he will not be released until late Fall of 2021.

Although Mr. Cowan resides at 2617 Titan Lane, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, he is currently being held at the Robert Presley Detention Center located in Riverside, California. His booking number is 202120521.

July 22, 2021 UPDATE: Jeff is now entering into his third month of custody as his matter has been continued to 9:00AM on August 3, 2021. I heard his public defender say that she had to research the new matter that has been added to his charges. Jeff now has a civil harassment restitution order added at the bottom of his new booking information. This order was discussed in chambers and therefore I do not know the details. Charge number three below is a family law domestic violence restraining order. Family law matters are all confidential. That is why this order was discussed in chambers. Who has a family law domestic violence restraining order against defendant Cowan?

jeff cowan sheriff department booking information
jeffrey r cowan bail hearing

Who has been trying to hack my Facebook account for the past month? Your name will be appearing soon right here on Dean’s Crime Blog!

YOU ARE A LOSER! Every time you make your childish attempts to change my Facebook password all it does is email me this notification. All you do is provide material and motivation for Dean’s Crime Blog.
facebook crime in progress
Your every attempt is being recorded. When I see your daily attempts to hack my account I smile in the knowledge that I am getting through to you.

When I find out who you are, your name will also be published right here on Dean’s Crime Blog. Maybe your name is already published here . . . somewhere in these blogs? Jeff Cowan is in jail and someday soon, hopefully you will also be in jail with Mr. Cowan. Everyone’s a suspect or a witness. Look out behind you because here comes Dean’s Crime Blog!

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Where to find child sex traffickers: CMEN

Crime blogs about Jeff Cowan, CPA for John Herriot’s California Men Enjoying Naturism.

One of the main reasons that this true crime website exists it to explain child sex trafficking by youth baseball uniform salesmen John Herriot, Jeff Cowan, Rich Boehle, Charlie Kenyon and their affiliates.

Mr. Herriot is a registered pedophile residing in West Hollywood and he also owns homes in Palm Springs, Yucca Valley, California; and Whispering Oaks, Tennessee. Don’t just take my word for it, search for John Herriot on the Megan’s Law website and Google his criminal record on the Los Angeles Times.

child sex trafficking by john herriot

Here is a basic online detective tool for investigation of John Herriot or anyone else whom you need information on. Just type your person of interest into any of the free reverse whois lookup sites on the web. A few years ago the name John Herriot brought up approximately ten domains owned by Mr. Herriot. After this investigation he began paying twenty dollars per year to have each domain name privately registered, just as this LegalNoodle website does. However by examining the list below you will be able to ascertain that Herriot still has one very interesting domain that is still active and that is number 4, the last domain on this list.

my life of crime: west hollywood businesses of john herriot

Mr. Herriot is still using as bait for his child sex trafficking business in West Hollywood. Although Herriot has now put ownership in other peoples names and privately registered his domain accounts by proxy, at one point Herriot owned other little league baseball uniform domains along with and other gay nudist and gay square dancing website domains. John Herriot has been spreading false allegations that there is a restraining order against this website and that is why this website publishes this private citizen issued restraining order against Mr. Herriot.

crime blog target number one: west hollywood john k herriot

What’s the difference between Joe Bftlspk, Pig Pen and Bad Luck Schleprock?
god is joe btfsplk pig pen and bad luck schleprock
Joe Btfsplk from Lil’ Abner, Pig Pen from Charlie Brown, and Bad Luck Schleprock from the Flintstones

Monster Insights powers this website’s Google analytics which indicate that true crime articles about gay child sex trafficking in West Hollywood by John Herriot and this Joe Btfsplk and Pig Pen post have been the most visited articles on this WordPress crime blog since January 2016. Joe Btfsplk is the Al Capp character with the rain cloud over his head and Pig Pen is the Charles Schultz character who has swirling dust that always stays following him at his feet, never rising above his neck.

Having the Monster Insights plugin on your WordPress blog makes blogging fun and engaging because you know exactly what your most popular posts are, your bounce rate, and what percentage of users are on mobile, tablets or computers. Let’s say for example you want to quickly re-tool your website to attract Google searches for Alcoholics Anonymous. Monster Insights can make this an easy task. In this day and age of heinous hackers and Russian ransomware demands everywhere, you must disable the comments section on your blog with a “disable comments” plug-in or you will be destroyed by malware and viruses. My own life of crime petty crime has taught me that criminals are everywhere. By using the free WordFence plug in you can tell what IP addresses and countries your attackers are coming from. With paid WordFence, you can block specific IP addresses.

You need to be a programmer to hook-up to Google analytics, unless you pay $99 for Monster Insights Pro to do it for you with a quick and easy two minute set-up wizard. With Monster and Goodle analytics you know exactly how viewers are engaging with your WordPress blog.

CRIME BLOG TIP: How do John Herriot and other gay child sex traffickers in West Hollywood identify each other?

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