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Welcome to Crime, karma, mystical healing. Los Angeles, California 90000.

This month I am having a personal rebirthing and ascension in the ritual practice of esoteric Freemasonry. Masonry without Lodge. I have experienced a miracle of healing from seven years of hot stabbing pain from post herpetic neuralgia. My pain has gone down from an 8 to a 2 or less. I decreased my nerve medication and the pain decreased. Welcome to my world of 12 Step Mysticism.

SEPTEMBER 9, 2021: The delta variant is surging dangerously. I have been taking care of myself like a religion but at 18 months it is time for me to learn to live safely with safe indoor gatherings. Therefore I am planning my re-entry into society very carefully. My reentry into the world coincides with my renewal of attendance at Lodge. I will begin my rebirth with Bro. Masons.

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I have received the miracles that the world wants

Return to Esoteric Freemasonry

I am going to use Freemasonry as a template to reinvent myself as we transition to the endemic world. Even with full FDA approval the vaccine rate is not increasing. We see now that due to vaccine refusal the virus will be here for a long time. Perhaps another decade or so.

It will be important who you gather with. You become like the five people you spend the most time with and the books you read. That is why I want to return to Lodge. Life presents many options and choices. Since I can choose my network I choose the oldest network in the world.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021: Lodge was not necessary for the deepening of my new two channel meditation technique.

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The Beginning

LegalNoodle began in 2008 as a device to promote my paralegal services in Los Angeles, California. Since then it has evolved into my personal blog. The only purpose here is to entertain myself. These are my private opinions on matters of personal and public jurisdiction. If other people want to read these posts, they are welcome to them. However, it does not matter how many people read these articles. This is how I get my kicks. I do not intentionally set out to offend anyone. If you are offended then don’t read my rants and raves. I am not out to sell you on a belief system. I am a yogi who meditates upwards of several hours per day. I try not to let other peoples opinions affect me either way. There is no such thing as good or bad. There is no good or evil.

Is there a God? I don’t know. I have never seen God or heard it speak to me. There is probably some divine life force inside of everyone. Some people can feel this sacred life force and others cannot. If there is a God it only happens within my own consciousness. I don’t speak for anyone else. I am an entertainer exposing you to many ideas. If a musician plays a musical piece by Mozart, he is not trying to sell you Mozart. He is probably just trying to uplift you. One thing the musician is not doing is saying that Mozart is the only valid composer. The person performing Mozart is not attempting to get you to “believe” in Mozart.

I have nothing to sell and nothing to teach. These blogs are all free to read. You have my permission to use this material in any way you see fit. Have fun and enjoy my blogs.

My practice is to live every day as if it were my last week alive.
The whole planet could collapse and burn tomorrow afternoon.
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