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Welcome to the new Brotherly Love Blog on, coming to you from Los Angeles, California, the love capital of the world! 2020 has just begun and the world is exploding with so much loving energy that Divine love has transformed me.

Yesterday I just found out that the “G” in the Freemason logo stands for Geometry and not God and so I am a little rough around the edges again with my posts. Soon I will be updating this home page while I try to relocate the love that lies buried deep within my damaged heart.

Get Together
The Youngbloods

Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try and love one another
Right now

brotherly love means i love dean arnell
brotherly love means i love dean arnell

The Ambassador of Brotherly Love

In my personal belief system, Spirit has very recently communicated to me that I should become a more loving person. God told me to love Dean Arnell. Therefore I have changed my name to Keith Love, The Ambassador of Brotherly Love. Every day I will now have to see my new commitment to brotherly love published right here on the home page of my blog. Can you feel the love?

city of brotherly love
Five years ago during a blizzard I was laying in a hospital bed in Philadelphia, PA, The City of Brotherly Love

Love Surgery

Five years ago this week I was laying in a hospital bed recuperating from emergency open heart triple by-pass surgery in Philadelphia, PA, The City of Brotherly Love. I was really feeling the brotherly love during those dark and painful days back in the Winter of 2015. The whole thing happened during a blizzard named Juno and as soon as I could I packed up my meager possessions and drove back to L.A. in three days with blood still oozing from my stitched up surgery. So as part of my spiritual healing treatment I see myself as the self-proclaimed Ambassador of the City of Brotherly Love. I am a grateful Los Angeles native and I hope I never experience another East Coast Winter again, I shall remain the Ambassador of The City of Brotherly Love.

Love Has Healed My Frozen Heart

Love has taught me to back off of my own heart when I am emotionally explosive. Now that I know exactly what a heart attack feels like, I know how to stop destroying my own heart with self-induced stress. For decades I unwittingly damaged my heart with fear and anger. I was the actual inventor of road rage but I never got credit for it and it really pissed me off for years. Physicians and mental health professionals have been very helpful however spiritual treatment has been the best medicine for my particular malady. The first thing I did after I recovered from alcoholism was find a way to recover my love. Much of that is search for love is documented here in the postings on this website. Thank you for visiting The Blog of Brotherly Love!

Independence Hall – Philadelphia, PA

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