the body is the mind


The Body IS The Mind is a work in progress beginning with this personal compendium of books, teachers and body-centered modalities for healing childhood trauma and PTSD:  

Primary Sources
Brain, Mind and Body in the
Healing of Trauma by Bessel Van der Kolk, MD
1. 07-04-21: Introduction: Trauma causes alcoholism
2. 07-05-21: Damaging emotional conflicts
3. 07-06-21: Trauma damages left brain speech
4. 07-23-21: Meditation on Steroids
5. 07-24-21: INTEROCEPTION: Traumatic Awareness
6. 07-25-21: What were you thinking right before you acted out your childhood trauma?
7. 07-30-21: Communication is the opposite of trauma
8. 07-31-21: Alexitymia: Emotional Retardation
9. 08-19-21: EMDR does not revisit the original trauma in detail
10. 08-20-21: EMDR is for patients so traumatized that full recovery is thought to be impossible
11. 08-21-21: Lock down your childhood trauma instead of acting it out
12. 08-22-21: Final Healing: patient’s internal landscape manifests critical mass of Self
13. 08-25-21: Restructuring inner mind maps and movies
14. 09-08-21: Epilogue: Seeking Safety
ANCHORED: How to Befriend Your Nervous System Using Polyvagal Theory by Deb Dana, LCSW1. 06-17-22: Downregulate threats, upregulate connection
2. 06-18-22: Anchored in autonomic safety
3. 06-19-22: Parasympathetic nervous system
4. 06-20-22: Chronic autonomic state of survival mode
5. 6-21-22: THE BODY IS THE MIND: Neuroception and intuition
6. 06-27-22: Neuroception: Neurological perception
7. 06-29-22: Reprocessing our autonomic nervous system
8. 06-30-22: Adaptations to trauma
In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts:
Close Encounters with Addiction
by Gabor Mate, MD
1. 10-28-21: Drugs are self-treatment for adverse childhood experiences
2. 10-29-21: Addiction has no separate existence
3. 10-30-21: Inadequate parents create inadequate children
4. 11-10-21: Adverse childhood experiences will create adversarial adults
5. 11-16-21: Dope is the solution to dopamine deprived adverse childhoods
6. 11-17-21: Properly nurtured children do not need to sooth themselves
7. 11-30-21: Attunement is the conduit by which a preverbal child can realize that he is loved
8. 12-08-21: 12 Step meetings create a new cultural paradigm to update the old one
9. 12-09-21: Pure grace allowed my grandfather to recover from alcoholism
10. 12-10-21: Is redemption complete abstinence from drugs?
11. 12-11-21: In our culture, the suppression of emotion is a major source of stress
12. 12-13-21: Self-mastery is self-induced
13. 12-15-21: Higher Consciousness
14. 12-16-21: Super-ego fears its own annihilation in bowing to higher power
Gerry Greenberg, Trauma Release TherapistMr. Greenberg is a Jungian analyst who instructed me to become a mediator, read WAKING THE TIGER, and affirm that: “I am in my body and it is good.”
WAKING THE TIGER: Healing Trauma by Peter Levine, PhdSomatic Experiencing of flexibility and resiliency through
pendulation of expansion and contraction
Paul McDuff Allen, MD (1942 – 2020)The late Dr. Allen was a Core Energetics practitioner, Certified Sexological Bodyworker and retired OB/GYN who intimately facilitated the birth of my capacity to love and heal. Paul also introduced me to the work of Reich and the City of New Orleans.
CHARACTER ANALYSIS by Wilhelm Reich, MDReich is the godfather of body-centered therapy with his seminal work involving dissolving body armor, free love and the orgone accumulator. Reich saw character as a layer of resistances.
CORE ENERGETICS: Developing the Capacity to Love And Heal by John C. Perriakas, MDThe title says it all, love is the most important thing. Dr. Perriakas and his wife Eva were the bridge between mind-body work and spirit. The message of his book is to get over yourself so that you can go out and be of service to the world.
A WAY OF LIFE: CORE ENERGETICS by Stuart BlackThis little book was a quick read. Core is the practice of actively opening body, mind and soul in order to more fully engage with the world and all the people in it.
Michael Filipowitch Mr. Filipowitch is an actor, psychedelic shaman and Core
Energetics practitioner who cured me in one session by telling me: “You’re doing it all to yourself.”
Robert KirbyMr. Kirby is an American Core Energetics practitioner living in Australia who taught me how to open up past my resistances.
Radical Aliveness Core EnergeticsAnn Bradney’s now-defunct sacred space at the Santa Monica Airport is where I made the life-altering decision to practice real pranayama breathing in my hatha yoga practice. A community RACE group is where I set my intention to become a healer. RACE taught me that I am the one who should be leading.
Eye Movement Desensitizing ReprocessingEMDR correlates painful childhood memories with corresponding body memory to reprogram and diminish post-traumatic stress disorder. EMDR was the clinical process that finally enabled me to find my way out.
Yoga Teacher TrainingKundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Beverly Hills cured me of my addiction to joining and therefore is probably the last and final new group that I will ever need to join again. Yoga taught me that it is now my time to lead.
MeditationMeditation is best practiced at short intervals throughout the day until you reach a state of well-meditated mindfulness. I begin each day by meditating before I open my eyes and get out of bed. Then I meditate to breath and movement during my daily morning yoga practice. The only time that I can sit and meditate for longer than 15 minutes is when I am in group meditation. Left to myself, I go straight to oneness with infinity without wasting a lot of time.
LiberationEckhart Tolle might say it something like this:
Breathe meditation into your body and exhale to experience your own formless, timeless reality.
the body is the mind
benevolence the body is the mind
the body is the mind