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Election year 2020 is winding down and so you should be receiving your ballot in the mail soon. I always vote by mail and so voting by mail in Election 2020 will be nothing new to me. In my opinion everyone should always vote by mail regardless of if there is a pandemic or not. Make practicing good citizenship easy for the citizen by utilizing fast, easy and efficient voting by mail.

Usually my ballot arrives a few days before the standard voter information packet that everyone always receives by mail. The voter info pamphlet is were I get my facts to vote on the propositions and so I always wait for it before I mark my ballot. I generally try to ignore all advertisements for California propositions. Many political advertisements are designed to evoke fear-based emotions and are sometimes intentionally misleading.

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DON’T PANIC: Everything that you need to create a new and better life for you and your loved ones should be contained somewhere within the pages of this website.

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Change the System by
Voting This Election 2020!

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Voting in Election 2020 will be much more effective for you than marching in the street waving signs. Sending your choice to Congress using the electoral process is a step to real power. Use your intelligence to ascertain where the real problem is. Problem police officers should be dealt with. What is the real problem? Listen to the professionals. The problem may not be entirely with the police and that particular component of the system that law enforcement represents. The problem is with our educational system. We need dynamic young people like you to help fix our broken educational system. So please vote and please use your energy to productively fix things. Don’t get sick promoting the racial grievance industry in the middle of a once-in-a-century pandemic lock-down.

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For What It’s Worth (Stop, Hey What’s That Sound)
by Stephen Stills.

What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, “hooray for our side”

The Digital Detective Investigates:
CMEN West Coast Gathering 2021

It is astounding how much news there is everyday about child sex trafficking. Getting a website to consistently rank on page one of the organic search results requires constant dating of your community service announcements. There is a lot of news out there as we close out year 2020. There is a lot of competition for your attention so thank you for being here.

One of the main purposes of this blog is to keep a digital eye on California Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN) to ensure that they maintain strict compliance with the law at all of their events. The 2020 CMEN West Coast Gathering has been postponed to August 20-29, 2021. CMEN’s West Coast Gathering 2021, will be held in Southern California’s scenic San Bernardino Mountains east of Big Bear. If you are attending this gay and bisexual nudist event please be on notice that this organization is being closely monitored for possible child sex trafficking and other illegal activities. If you see any suspicious name tags running around, just Google them for possible inclusion on the Megan’s Law registered sex offender database. This morning I wrote this blog with more information on CMEN and my reasons for surveillance of it’s founder John Herriot.

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