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Investigate your world

Do you sometimes wonder if your life is cluttered up with too much ritual and dogma? Maybe there is more to life than meets the eye. It does not take much to just exert a little effort into looking behind the scenes. This blog is about penetrating the layers of deception that insulate you from the truth. The only thing separating you from mystical union with the universe is the fragile ego of man. Use your noodle and cast off the chains of ordinary perception. Take a look at what is on the end of your fork and you will discover what William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac referred to as Naked Lunch.

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Branded by a sex cult

BRANDING: I think I have finally found my solution to free WordPress themes and plugins. Today I changed my theme to the Twenty Twenty theme that is the default WordPress theme. The key is to also add the Twentig plug-in. This morning I even wrote a twentig test blog about this amazing free tool. This blog is like my toy. It is my baby that I play with. This is how I get my kicks. Welcome to my mojo rising . . .

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Subliminal Mind Control

This great new leap in my web design tools is dedicated do Marcus K. who got me started blogging in WordPress in 2008. Marcus and I both love the John Carpenter movie They Live.

Secret History

In 2010 while touring the plantations and bayous of Louisiana I learned that some black slaves owned their own black slaves. One of the purposes of this blog is to shed more light upon the secret history of the world.