WELCOME TO SLIM CITY, USA — Where Everybody Has Lots of Down Time On Their Hands During a Brain Virus Pandemic

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Build A World Inside Your Head During Social Isolation

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Learning how to build a simulated world inside of your head is easy, however, it takes a very long time to learn. For me one of the most important early lessons was to isolate myself from the world in order to focus my attention on productivity. Artists and creators are naturals at social distancing by staying at home and working.

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Wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper as John Nada, a man who can see

The All Important Re-Write

For me, the re-writes are where it really starts to happen, so the first thing is to just get a rough draft going in WordPress. For the sake of learning purposes, this Noodle home page will be a work in progress for the next twenty-four hours or so. If you are one of my regular readers, this may give you a chance to see how my blogs develop over real time. Make sure you clear your computer’s cache every once in a while if you come here often because everything is always changing.

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Build a World Instead of Building Puzzles or Games

During our next three months of social isolation, some people will be putting together jigsaw puzzles or doing crossword puzzles. Lots of people will be playing video games and some geeks may even build a world with SimCity.

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During our social distancing and stay at home orders, I will show you how to create your very own simulated world inside your head.

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Use Your Illusion

Everybody has daydreams and engages in fantasy life. Artists are just more in tune with their interior life. Imagination, inspiration and intuition are the tools of the trade. Try turning everything off and zeroing out your consciousness. What can you discern in the thundering silence?

Observe all the good people around you and notice which ones appear to be asleep and which ones look like they are wide awake. They all live among us.

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