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A few of the topics that you will find discussed on this website are spiritual enlightenment through meditation; liberated sexuality; and crime news. If you want to know what it is like to have transcended one’s station in life, then read my blog. I came from nowhere without a chance and ended up totally healed of the emotional affliction of alcohol dependence. Along my journey I was also cured of few other maladies such as childhood trauma and PTSD using cutting edge technologies like EMDR. I was supposed to end up a babbling idiot in the San Fernando Valley living underneath an overpass of the Hollywood Freeway.

However by working on my higher Self (Super Ego) I have managed to find a way out my lower self (Ego) and also escape the knee jerk reactions of my primitive lizard brain self (Id). Now I am in this world but definitely not of it. Not better than anyone else. But definitely different. It feels like I am interconnected to everyone and dependent upon no one.


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Appeasing Bullies is a Crime

Many of the posts on this site are about spirituality and healing. My blogs about healing childhood trauma that is sub-consciously stored in the body got a few hits and that actually surprised me. At this time I am re-reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. With my newfound experience of healing my emotional body, Tolle’s book is resonating with me like it never did the first time. I would rather be blogging about enlightenment as the cessation of suffering.

However my Google analytics indicate that people want to read about gay child sex traffickers. People seem to enjoy reading about how registered gay sex offenders like John Herriot and Jeff Cowan cured me of homosexuality. The only good email that I receive is from crime victims of Herriot and Cowan, thanking me for writing my blogs about these bullies.

It is politically and morally incorrect to appease bullies. My stance is to fight bad actors wherever they are to be found. Most tyrants suffer from severe mental disorders and/or some type of criminal psychopathology which makes them a danger to themselves and others. Many times the only solution is for private citizens to take a stand against bullies large and small. Putting violent offenders into jail makes the world a better place. Blogging is one path to justice. It feels socially rewarding to be a bully bashing digital crime fighter.

Bullies exist within all strata of our society. From Donald Trump all the way on down the line to the methamphetamine smoking tent dwellers blocking the sidewalks around my building. The world is filled with all different types of blood sucking vampires, parasites and bullies gone wild.

Why do bullies bully? Because they think they can. Why do bloggers stand up to bullies, because they know they can. Liberal democratic citizens such as myself have both a moral obligation and a political imperative so take a stand against autocratic and revisionist forces. What should history conclude from our timidity in the face of evil?

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Prevent local bullies from becoming international bullies

Jeff Cowan wants to revise the American family with his psychotic child-rearing practices. Cowan thrives on emotionally preying upon the gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, and alternative lifestyle communities in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Vladimir Putin wants to revise Ukrainian history and terrorize the world.

Stand up to dictators and fight them however you can. Fight them with drones, fight them with computers, fight their crimes against humanity with boots on the ground. LegalNoodle will investigate and expose Cowan’s desperate need to infect the community with his anxiety and depression.

Do not let mentally ill offenders revise culture and institutions: Jeffrey Goldhammer changed his name to Jeffrey Cowan when he got a woman named Wendi Cowan pregnant. They were never married because Mr. Cowan wants to abolish the legal and social contract known as marriage. Jeff Cowan wants all men to change their names to that of their wives. Jeffrey Cowan wants to infect his community with this brand of psychosis. Sound crazy?

Stop war mongering mentally ill fascists: Vladimir Putin wants to revise Ukrainian history by starting the biggest European land battle since WWII. We are actually at the beginning of World War III right now. Vlad is grabbing Ukraine with the same ease that Hitler grabbed Austria and Czechoslovakia. Sound crazy?

I believe Russia’s assault on Ukraine is the leading edge of militarily strong states preying upon weaker ones. Few of us thought we would be here, but so it is. What are we going to do now?”Retired US Army Major General Mike Repass

March 17, 2022, 10:30am – Hitler’s Typewriter, Museum of Tolerance, West Los Angeles, CA Photo/D.M.
Level 3 child sex offenders are lifetime offenders

What are we going to do now? LegalNoodle will begin by attempting to prevent child sex trafficking in the Arizona desert. Jeff Cowan’s assault upon his new stomping grounds of Havasu is the leading edge of emotionally disturbed gay karaoke bar patrons preying upon healthy ones. Children in Havasu have been approached by Cowan and his crime partner, level 3 category registered homosexual offender of children under the age of 14 years, John Herriot.

Desert Vigilance

As a result of his felony convictions for fighting, stealing and indecent exposure, Jeff Cowan is a level 1 category registered gay sex offender. Cowan is now under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Mental Health Court for accosting school children and getting into altercations with them. Few people thought that society would become this depraved, but so it is.

What are we going to do now? Publishing community service announcements in LegalNoodle is a one way to help stop pedophiles like John Herriot and CMEN from using Havasu as fresh hunting grounds for preying upon children.

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