Spiritual Treatment Means Practicing Unconditional Love and Acceptance

Now that I have allegedly been undergoing spiritual healing treatment I am faced with the tremendous task and responsibility of actually practicing brotherly love and compassion for everyone, not just the people, places and things that I prefer. There is no evil, which conversely means that neither is there any such thing as “good”. There just is, according to the Zen Buddhist. Joel Goldsmith would say that God is in the is business.

When I look into your eyes I am able to see the frightened little child buried deep inside you and it makes my heart well up with compassion for the lingering sorrow of the planet.

love and compassion for david harris
When I have compassion I can even love offensive old people who think that they know everything

Love and Compassion

The purpose of creating this new Noodle home page is to remind me that this is the website of the practice of love and compassion. Now I will have these words in front of my face every day, thereby forcing me to practice unconditional love and forgiveness for the entire Universe.

Love Means Discernment

Just because you have love and compassion for your detractors does not mean that you are precluded from writing and publishing critical and possibly negative articles about them. Blogging requires publishing a steady stream of new content in order for that blog to get ranked high in the search engine organic results. The Internet is not a good medium for subtlety in a world like ours. People want creative content that is over the top and crazy.

Loving Palm Springs

When I was able to lovingly expose Palm Springs City Councilperson J. R. Roberts I was displaying my love for both the people of the desert in general and Councilperson Roberts specifically. Now that J.R. is no longer holding himself out as a fake architect, J.R. will have the freedom to find out who he really is and what he needs to be doing in the world. I did all of this for free, for love, and for PSPD Detective Castillo.

My Quest For Love

I manifested this life because I am supposed to learn to love. My journey was to discover the love that was buried and frozen deep within me. It was a long hard road out of hell but ten years ago at the ripe old age of fifty-three I finally became thawed out enough to authentically experience the emotions of unconditional love and compassion.

love and compassion
practicing brotherly love and compassion means that i even love dean arnell

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