Change of Heart

legalnoodle has had a change of heart

LegalNoodle Has Had A Change Of Heart

The featured image of the heart on this post was created by AI but the text was written by a human. After some technical difficulties the old website now forwards to this website. This is because LegalNoodle has had a change of heart. I wrote a lot of blogs criticizing people in my old blog. Maybe you really did something illegal or unethical. So what? The worst thing for me is when I am right because then I work myself up into an angry state of heart. I even chased a few bad actors out of house and home. I ruined a few careers and businesses. The old LegalNoodle even caused one of my biggest persecutors to have to move all the way across the country to the East Coast. Please forgive me. You are now forgiven just as we all are forgiven by God.

Hold No Man In Bondage

My meditation teacher Joel S. Goldsmith taught me an important lesson about love and forgiveness: Hold no man in bondage because God is too pure to behold inequity. From now on I will hold no man in bondage. The Christ in me acknowledges the Christ in you. The killer in me is the killer in you. Everything I see is holy now. My holiness envelops everything I see. I can see the God in everyone and everything. I can see the God in the latest mass shooter blazing across the headlines, but that does not mean that I want to hang out with him. I can say no with love and without attacking. A Course In Miracles teaches me to abstain from all attack thoughts.

I have even had a change of heart regarding capital punishment. I used to be a firm supporter of the death penalty. Now I have done a 180 degree turn. Let the mass murderers be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Let me love the mass murderer from a distance. Anyway life in prison is a fate much worse than death. Aaron Hernandez and Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in prison rather than spend the rest of their lives locked-up.

I intentionally destroyed a lot of content

There were over 2,000 pages and blogs on the old LegalNoodle website. I lost a lot of search engine optimization power. I let all of that irreplaceable content get deleted by making a decision not to renew my managed WordPress hosting for LegalNoodle because I didn’t want the expense. Most importantly I didn’t want the bad karma of holding anyone in bondage any longer. I had made a decision that I didn’t want to spend so much time blogging every day. The only way to make your website rank at the top of the search engine organics is to blog every day. I get a rush from seeing my pages rank at the top of page one of Google. However one year after deleting LegalNoodle I find that I miss blogging every day. Blogging is how I organize my thoughts. Publishing these articles is the only way I am ever going to get published.

I developed a lot of WordPress skills THAT I NOW WANT TO PUT BACK IN USE

Creating LegalNoodle forced me to learn a lot about the WordPress blogging platform. My web marketing mentor Marcus Dalton inspired me to become a WordPress expert. It would be a shame to let that set of tools languish and get rusted over from lack of use. So now in two short weeks I have created this new website with twenty-one published posts. This blog will make it twenty-two.

I feel my life has finally returned to pre-pandemic fullness. I socialize at the Culver City Senior Center, Unity of the Westside, the Westside Hope Center and also in these blogs. Blogging is also a social activity for me because my Google analytics tells me how many people are looking at these web pages. I occasionally get a social buzz from my contact page. The only reason that I do not allow comments on this website is because spammers and hackers will take up too much of my time deleting their harmful and unwanted entries.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Whatever I do to the least of you I also do to the eternal Christ of God. We are all the Christ of God. So whatever I do to you, I do to me. I need to keep my karma clean because I currently have a heart blockage that needs to be addressed. On May 2, 2024 I go in for an angiogram to give my Beverly Hills cardiologist more data to work with. I want to live a long and reasonably healthy life.

legalnoodle has had a change of heart

So even though my heart is shocked by you picking up my coffee cup and raising it up to your lips, I still see the Christ in you even though I have to set serious boundaries with you. I love you but I can never sit next to you again. I forgive you but I will never publish a blog with your photograph, name and address because the old me has had a change of heart.

The human form known as Dean wants to say to you with love and respect, ‘Brother what can I do to get you to agree not to touch my food and beverage at church?’ And the small still voice of God tells me. I love the Christ in you but I can never sit next to you again. I am privileged to have so many people in my life that I can just say no to you.

legalnoodle has had a change of heart
LegalNoodle has had a change of heart
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