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  • Write a Blog and You’re Sittin’ on Top of the World

    Write a Blog and You’re Sittin’ on Top of the World

    LegalNoodle Has Returned LegalNoodle has returned because I cannot live without blogging. I deeply regret intentionally letting the old LegalNoodle.com website die. I decided I didn’t want the financial expense or time involved in blogging. I was wrong. Now I am back. So welcome to the new LegalNoodle.com site also known as Culver City –…

  • Transformation


    I Am No Longer Joe Btfsplk. No longer do I walk around with a rain cloud perpetually hanging over my head like Joe Btfsplk, the character from the Lil’ Abner comic series. In photos of me as a child I always look kind of sad and depressed. My siblings and I have a look of…

  • Change of Heart

    Change of Heart

    LegalNoodle Has Had A Change Of Heart The featured image of the heart on this post was created by AI but the text was written by a human. After some technical difficulties the old Legalnoodle.com website now forwards to this CulverWestLA.com website. This is because LegalNoodle has had a change of heart. I wrote a…

  • A Course In Miracles Practitioner

    A Course In Miracles Practitioner

    Maria Felipe at Unity of the Westside On Sunday April 14, 2024 we had guest speaker Maria Felipe at Unity of the Westside in Culver City. Ms. Felipe is certified by third-party vendors as A Course In Miracles practitioner. The main thing that I learned from her talk is that you can just say no.…

  • Owner of a Lonely Heart

    Owner of a Lonely Heart

    Unity Church is a metaphysical religion started in the Midwest over one hundred years ago by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Unity of the Westside is a small metaphysical congregation located in Culver City. Currently you can find me at Unity three to four times per week. Unity helps to heal my lonely heart. OWNER OF…

  • The Abnormal Heart

    The Abnormal Heart

    Tomorrow I have an appointment with my Beverly Hills cardiologist. He wants to discuss my abnormal heart scan test results after my gated myocardial perfusion PET scan of March 29, 2024. My myocardial perfusion test result indicates definitely abnormal with both reversible and nonreversible defects. I am very happy with Cedars-Sinai and I would heartily…

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