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legalnoodle has returned

LegalNoodle Has Returned

LegalNoodle has returned because I cannot live without blogging. I deeply regret intentionally letting the old LegalNoodle.com website die. I decided I didn’t want the financial expense or time involved in blogging. I was wrong. Now I am back.

So welcome to the new LegalNoodle.com site also known as Culver City – West Los Angeles: The Heart of Screenland.

never give up because legalnoodle has returned to blogging
Never Give Up!

Never Give Up The Ship

Never give up. Never give up going to the beach, blogging or being productive. I took these surfing photographs on Monday, May 6, 2024 at the border zone between Dockweiler State Beach and Playa del Rey in Los Angeles, California.

Since I paid $800 for an iPhone 15 I intend to use the camera productively. Original photographs are a great way to boost your search engine optimization. Never give up practicing SEO. It is a rush to see your pages rank at the top of the search engine results.

By-The-Wind Sailors Never Give Up Until They Die

Velella velellas

Velella velellas are nicknamed by-the-wind sailors. These little creatures have been washing ashore by the millions in Southern California. They never give up until they are dead and neither will I. Although I haven’t been blogging for a few days because I have been taking care of my heart health. I won’t give up blogging until I am dead.

Shorebirds are my friends

I feel like I have a personal relationship with shore birds, marine mammals and all of the ocean life I see. You can find me at Playa del Rey almost every Friday and Monday morning. The ocean air is one of the main reasons that I live in downtown Culver City where the marine layer does not burn off until late in the day.

the beach is my life
The Beach is a Regular Part of My Life

I am in love with the beach. I walk, run and to calisthenics and yoga on the beach. I will never give up the beach, yoga and blogging until the day I die.

legalnoodle has returned to the beach for another monday

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