Joe Btfsplk

I Am No Longer Joe Btfsplk.

No longer do I walk around with a rain cloud perpetually hanging over my head like Joe Btfsplk, the character from the Lil’ Abner comic series. In photos of me as a child I always look kind of sad and depressed. My siblings and I have a look of emotional abuse about us. I used to carry my adverse childhood experiences around inside my head in the form of internal images that were externalized.

man with rain falling on him
The Old Me. AI image/Craiyon

I Was Called Out at Agape

A few short years ago during Sunday service at Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City a guest speaker said from the podium: ‘We have some people here who walks around like that cartoon character with a rain cloud over his head, what’s his name?‘ One of my fellow congregants yelled out: ‘Pigpen.’


I felt like they were talking about me. Sometimes it feels like people can read the dark clouds that uses to always rain inside my head. So I did a little research to find out that the answer offered that morning was incorrect. The correct answer should have been that the character walking around with rainclouds over his head is Joe Bftsplk.

Pigpen’s Dust Never Rises Above His Head.

Pigpen does not walk around with anything over his head. In the Peanuts comics Pigpen’s dust never rises above his head.

Pigpen and Snoopy

The cartoon character with the rain cloud perpetually hanging over his head is Joe Bftsplk, ‘THE WORLD’S WORST JINX.’ Joe is so low that his very name is unpronounceable if not unspeakable.

joe btfsplk
A Course In Miracles

I am a lucky man to have people at church call me out on my negative vibes. I no longer want to be that guy with the look of doom and gloom. I no longer go to church looking for something. These days I want to This is all part of a long transformational process whereby I have had a change of heart. I have left my rainclouds far behind me these days. Today I practice A Course in Miracles and let my holiness envelop everything I see. My holiness blesses the world.

joe bftsplk rain walker

The reason I am writing this blog is because the post on my old LegalNoodle website that got the most views was titled: Joe Bftsplk vs. Pigpen. There were thirteen links to that Joe Bftsplk blog which created a lot of domain authority. It made my website rank very high on search engines. I kind of regret letting that old domain and all of it’s contents get intentionally deleted by me. I should have known better and kept it. There were a lot of positive blogs on the old LegalNoodle. But I just wanted to let all of my trolling die a pleasant death.

sunshine always on my shoulders

Today I walk around with sunshine always on my shoulders like that old Bob Denver song. I want people at Unity of the Westside to say, ‘We have some people here who walk around like that John Denver song with sunshine always on their shoulders.

ai generated image of man with sunshine on his shoulders
The New Me. AI image/Craiyon

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