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  • Transformation


    I Am No Longer Joe Btfsplk. No longer do I walk around with a rain cloud perpetually hanging over my head like Joe Btfsplk, the character from the Lil’ Abner comic series. In photos of me as a child I always look kind of sad and depressed. My siblings and I have a look of…

  • Change of Heart

    Change of Heart

    LegalNoodle Has Had A Change Of Heart The featured image of the heart on this post was created by AI but the text was written by a human. After some technical difficulties the old Legalnoodle.com website now forwards to this CulverWestLA.com website. This is because LegalNoodle has had a change of heart. I wrote a…

  • Artificial Intelligence Generated This First Post

    Artificial Intelligence Generated This First Post

    Explore Culver City via HubSpot AI: This is the first post on this brand new website, CulverWestLA.com. Here is how free AI from HubSpot.com writes a post about Culver City, California: Explore the Culver City Theatre Scene Culver City is renowned for its vibrant art scene, with numerous galleries and art studios to explore. Start…

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