When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear


I follow many different paths in order to attain the demonstration of enlightened consciousness.  Here are some of my main spiritual teachers. This list is alive and constantly growing. These teachers work for me, but maybe not so much for you.

Brief Introduction to my main spiritual teachers

Christian mystic Joel S. Goldsmith (1892-1964) has been my main teacher for over sixteen years.  His first book The Infinite Way, is his only book that was first written in book format.  All the rest of his many books are transcriptions of his enlightening lectures and classes. The old muddy sounding reel to reel tapes of his fifty year-old talks have been digitally cleaned-up & remastered and now sound clear and bright. You can easily find hundreds of hours of Goldsmith teaching direct experience of God consciousness on YouTube.   I am currently studying his meditations on The Mystical I.   Goldsmith is the only thinker I have ever encountered who can explain the similarities between the enlightened consciousness of Krishna-Moses-Christ-Holy Spirit-Paul-Maimonides in one sentence.  Summed up in one sentence the message of The Infinite Way is: “I and the father are one“.  Summed up in one word his teaching is “One.” Oneness with God.  Christ Consciousness. Goldsmith can quickly take you right to The Thing Itself.  

Eckhart Tolle is a Very Effective Teacher of Enlightenment

Rising above the level of mind and demonstrating enlightenment can be easily obtained by studying and practicing The Power of Now  by Eckhart Tolle. Tolle teaches that if you need help attaining  oneness with the universe, try using A Course in Miracles to wipe away everything you know so that you can more easily attain enlightenment.  ACIM is mind training.

a course in miracles manual for teachers

A Course In Miracles in one word is At-ONE-ment with God.  

In 2004, my therapist Denise Klein directed me to the practical exercises in the workbook at the end of the text. I had never gotten very far with this dense text and so I had never practiced the Workbook for Students until Ms. Klein directed me to the daily lessons.  The Lessons for Students are located in the middle section of ACIM and they clear the mind for the miracles to happen!  This helpful hint facilitated my healing easier than the plodding through the dense text in the first section of ACIM. Now I am even reading the third section, Manual for Teachers.

In 1992, the late great Dr. David J. Walker introduced me to Religious Science and New Thought via his public access cable TV show.  

Religious Science, also known as Science of Mind rejuvenated my interest in God after a long hiatus. My former wife Veronica and I used to watch David J. Walker on a tiny TV in our studio apartment when we were first married. Science of Mind and Unity are New Thought religions. Veronica was and is a staunch Catholic but Walker is such an effective spiritual teacher that he even opened up her mind. Once we even drove from our apartment in Tujunga all the way to his Sunday service at the Wilshire Theatre in Los Angeles. My spiritual experience with Rev. Walker led me to Agape some eighteen years later. In 2008 I discovered Joel Goldsmith at the Religious Science church known as Agape International Spiritual Center. This happened thanks to the now defunct Freedom Path Ministry of Liz and Paul Raci.  Freedom Path is the Agape recovery ministry. Agape and Founder’s Church of Religious Science are the last brick and mortar churches I was ever a regular at until decades later when I became a member of Unity of the Westside.  

Rev. Michael Beckwith of Agape gave a Eulogy at David Walker’s Memorial Service

New thought acknowledges all great sages, including Buddha. In the late seventies I was introduced to Zen and meditation. Buddhism and non-duality were my practical introduction to oneness with the universe.  I took a college course in Zen Buddhism in 1977.  Zen opened up my mind to Christ consciousness.

BOOKS HAVE BEEN SOME OF MY GREATEST TEACHERS: How to Meditate Without Attending a TM Class started it all off in 1976.  

The one constant in my life has been meditation. These days when I am practicing yoga I am simultaneously practicing meditation. Meditation is one of my best teachers. Everything happens when I get quiet and listen to the small still voice within.

my re-introduction to a course in miracles at unity of the westside
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