I am a lifelong Democrat becoming disillusioned with my own party

governor newsom lost my vote

Governor Newsome Lost My Vote

Today I have finally seen this old 2004 Harper’s Bazaar feature photograph of his pretty face laying in the lap of luxury and as a result California Governor Gavin Newsom has lost my vote. What other politician has allowed himself to be photographed in such a blatantly elitist pose?

If you can find any photo of any politico so ostentatiously glamorized, please sent it to me and I will publish it here along with your rebuttal argument. Until then, Governor Newsom lost my vote. No wonder he faced two separate recall attempts. I was blind but now I see!

governor newsom laying in the lap of luxury

Newsome violated his own lockdown orders

As a lifelong Democrat who has consistently voted for his blue politics, Governor Newsome has lost my vote because of his job performance and his hypocrisy. During his Covid lockdown orders, Newsome had the hypocrisy to go to a private dinner where he was unmasked. And once again he allowed himself to be photographed in such such bad form.

governor newsom began to lose my vote when he violated his own lockdown orders
COVID LOCKDOWN: What’s wrong with this picture?

Preaching to the blue choir

What has Newsom done for our state lately? Not much I would proffer. He did place a moratorium on the death penalty, which I happen to agree with. But isn’t that undemocratic since the people of the State of California voted to reinstate capital punishment after the California Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional? He preaches to the the deep blue choir about going green. But has he really done anything important about homelessness and the dire shortage of affordable housing in our Golden State?

Not his job

No, he globe trots over to the Vatican to preach against former-President Trump’s corruption. I dislike Trump as much as any intelligent voter but that is not a job for a state governor. Governor Newsome acts like he is running for president but he is not. He tries to portray himself as some type of spiritual teacher but he is actually guilty of extreme hubris.

newsom pontificating
Vote of no confidence

After seeing his pretty face and slick hairdo photographed in too many luxurious settings, hypocritical and incompetent California Governor Newsom has lost any future vote from me.

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